On the 15th of June, activists occupied Freedom Plaza with the intention of holding the plaza for 36 hours. This was in response to a City Council hearing concerning MPD's budget for which hundreds attempted to register but very few were ever permitted to speak.

Video-Sounds of the street: "Fuck the Police, Fuck Donald Trump" in post-blockade march 1 min 8 sec

The 15th of June featured one of the near-daily blockades of I-395 that have gone on for the better part of a week. In this case, the march started at the same place Trump's stormtroopers fired tear gas at protesters so he could walk across H st to St John's to bluster threats.

On the 13th of June, march after march took to the streets of DC for George Floyd. The NJNP march to Mayor Bowser's house was just one of many. A late afternoon march went from Malcolm X Park to Trump Hotel and back. That one featured a strong bicycle cavalry block, which managed to put cops on bicycles to flight and even surround motorcycle cops and escort them out.

On the 13th of June, a hundreds strong No Justice No Pride march and motorcade that originated in MD showed up at the home of DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. They were there to demand that MPD be defunded, sex work be legalized, and more. On the approach march a sound system blasted NWA's "Fuck the Police," and at the Mayor's house dancers breakdanced right up to the cops.

Video-marchers at Trump Hotel 56 sec

On the 12th of June, several DC neighborhood based groups backed by Empower DC and Democratic Socialists of America marched from Federal court to Freedom Plaza with a "Fund care not cops" demand. On the way they stopped to boo and heckle Trump Hotel. This is a continuation of two weeks of protests for George Floyd and so many others murdered by police.

On the 9th of June, Unicorn Riot published information proving that one National Guard soldier deployed from Ohio to DC to "control" the George Floyd Uprising is a neo-Nazi. He has since been withdrawn from DC.

The 8th of June featured multiple street marches around DC by Black Lives Matter activist, including one with a major car caravan as a component. Just when it seemed things were winding down, another march left the White House area, and proceeded to block the freeway to the accompaniment of music on a powerful sound system.

Video-freeway blockade(march on 'till victory!) 2 min 27 sec

On the 7th of June, DC's George Floyd Uprising continued for the tenth day in a row, with another big march from Dupont Circle and the are near the White House again dominated by protesters. Trump has his wall-8 feet high around the White House and Lafayette Square, and it now resembles the Berlin Wall with all the additions

Raw video: using spotlight and lasers to reveal police spotter/sniper team on roof 10 sec

A potentially major political event occurred late in the huge June 6 day of actions for George Floyd: Black Lives Matter activists got paint matching Bowser's 16th st "Black Lives Matter" murel and added the words "Defund the Police." There are fears that Mayor Bowser or her minions may attempt to deface or destroy this addition.

Video-protesters chant "hell no-we won't go!" 34 sec

On the 4th of June, DC's George Floyd Uprising showed it was not going anywhere. After a long day of protests, the crowd in front of the White House chanted "Hell no-we won't go" reminding Trump that no amount of bullshit and blustered threats on Twitter will disperse this crowd, and the National Guard can't stop this anymore than they could save the Vietnam War.

On the 3d of June, National Guard troops from GOP states physically pushed through a crowd of Floyd George protesters standing between their busses and the White House. Protesters marched and rallied all day and the only threats came from Trump, the military, and the police.For all the theats and an 11PM curfew, marchers stayed out until 2AM or later.

Video of troops pushing through protesters, riot cops with grenade launchers behind shields 2 min 11 sec

Update late night: video on Twitter of cops or troops firing pepper spray, another video shows cops firing rubber bullets first, water bottles thrown in RESPONSE.

The Floyd George protests on June 2 stayed peaceful as the police did not choose to start a fight this time around. Trump's choice to gas protesters just so he could walk across H st stunned the world and may have cost him a great deal of cooperation from Mayor Bowser and MPD.

On the 2nd of June, the Washington Post reported that commercial burglaries have soared in parts of DC well away from the protests such as Georgetown and Tenleytown. While cops focus on beating, gassing, and kettling protesters, the looting has moved to safe rear areas free of police.MPD claims they normally get three burglary reports a day but over 150 on Monday July 1 and over 50 on Sun.

On the night of June 1, police responded to at least one house on Swann Street sheltering protesters affected by tear gas and exhausted from dodging kettles with an attempt to enter the house. As this is posted cops claim to have gotten a 9-11 call from inside, which is almost impossible. Many residents have opened their homes to shelter protesters from police and the military in a scene reminescent of Northern Ireland during the "troubles."

Video-scenes from before the attack, and CNN's clip of the gas attack 2 min 48 sec

During the day on the 1st of June, peaceful protesters "took a knee" and otherwise protested the murder of George Floyd and so many others by police. Just after Mayor Bowser's 7PM curfew, cops attacked with tear gas, shields, and sticks to split the crowd-so Donald Trump could cross H st on foot to give a speech at St John's Church.

Video-scenes from the uprising 2 min 37 sec

Update May 31: Protesters return to streets, WUSA reports no curfew on grounds Mayor believes it would not be obeyed.

At 12:01AM on Friday, Mayor 29, Mayor Bowser lifted DC's stay-at-home order, removing the power of police to openly arrest people in disfavored neighborhoods for just for being away from their homes. For those in neighborhoods where police have not used the stay-at-home for harassment, the main change is "back to work" orders for those working in a long line of businesses not deemed "essential" by government.

It's official: many DC residents get their "back to work order" on Friday, May 29. Restaurants will be permitted to serve patrons outdoors. ROC-DC is raising concerns that owners will demand that "front-of-house" workers remove protective face masks for appearance reasons. In other words, a restaurant dinner with a side order of COVID-19 might be deemed an acceptable price of looking normal and higher profits.