November 2015

Mayor Bowser begins raids on homeless camps

On the 20th of November, Mayor Bowser carried out her threat to begin DPW "cleanup" raids on homeless camps with an attack on the camp in Rock Creek Park near Va Ave. A trash truck, a box truck, and a shelter van were brought in, along with at least one police van for security. Recent Dept of Justice opinions opposing prosecution of the homeless may have deterred forcible removal, but it was clear that some belongings other than the tents were either being thrown in the trash or hauled away to a government warehouse. As of 7PM, many tents were still standing, and it appeared that most residents had refused the Mayor's demands to move to city-controlled shelters. The shelters are known for everything from metal detectors to bedbugs, and some refuse to use them.

Trans Day of Remembrance Vigil at AU

On the evening of November 19th the Queers and Allies' Trans and Non-Binary Collective at American University held the Trans Day of Remembrance Vigil and Speakout. After speakers at the indoor portion spoke of the severe discrimination, poverty, and widespread murder and police violence faced by transgender people, everyone went outside for a vigil to remember those who have been killed. Flags of remembrance for the fallen were planted in the quad while the whole group held candles in the dark.

Violent arrest at 2nd night of Trans Week of Action street protests

On the 18th of October, Trans Week of Action protesters took to the streets for the second night in a row. This time around, the blockades targeted the area around Target. Police tried to aggressively move traffic past protesters. When protesters stood their ground, one cop responded first with pushing, then with a violent takedown and arrest of an activist perceived as an organizer. Arrest can be a life-threatening experience for any transgender person, so the rest of the protesters were severely agitated by this, ultimately responding by retaking the exact same intersection.

Video-violent arrest at Trans Week of Action protest Nov 18 and precipitating incident

This incident of a cop shoving a protester led to a violent arrest

Violent arrest after trans activists blockade 14th st

TPP burned at Phillipine Embassy, one arrest after lockdown at Japanese Embassy

On the 17th of November,protesters against the TPP trade deal marched to the embassies of many countries affected by the treaty.At the Embassy of the Phillipines, protesters burned a symbolic "TPP text" much smaller than the 6,000 page stack in solidarity with protesters in the Phillipines who burned ASEAN logos. At the Embassy of Japan, one protester locked himself by the neck to the doors. It took about an hour for police to remove and arrest him.

Video-burning the TPP

Video-civil disobedience at the Japanese Embassy

Burning a stand-in for the TPP at the Phillipine Embassy, the 6000+ page full text would require a furnace to incinerate.

Burn the TPP!

Anti-TPP "torchlight" parade storms Morgan-Stanley, beseiges Monsanto and Ronald Reagan building

On the evening of November 16, anti-TPP protesters assembled at the US Chamber of Commerce for a "torchlight" themed parade. The "torches" were toilet roll shades lit from the inside by LED lights. This march stormed the building housing investment banker Morgan Stanley's offices. Next marchers blocked access to Monsanto after a failed attempt to get inside. Finally the march went to the Ronald Reagan building and largely took over the plaza in front of it on the 14th st side.

Video-TPP protesters storm Morgan-Stanley

Toilet roll "torches" lit from the inside by many LED lights

Storming Morgan-Stanley against the TPP

US Trade Rep's office festooned with "TP" by anti TPP trade deal protesters

On the 16th of November, opponents of the Trans-Pacific Partnershio (TPP) marched on the offices of the United States Trade Representative(USTR), blocked entrances for a while, and festooned the area with anti-TPP toilet paper. This sort of thing just had to happen sooner or later-TP'ing the TPP. As a "night action" it would have been a potent enough symbol, but this was done in the open while activists controlled both the sidewalk and that half of the street.

Video of fair trade activists TP'ing USTR

The TPP gets TP'ed

TP'ing the TPP

Skanska exec Stephen Skinnder gets U-Wa vivisection lab demo

Skanska is a massive multinational construction company that is building a new animal "research" lab for University of Washington. On the morning of Saturday, November 14, activists from the No New Animal Lab campaign showed up at the Stanton, Va home of Stephen Skinner, Executive VP and General Manager of Skanska’s DC office. Grumpy neighbors responded with angry counter-chants while calling the cops and even trying to directly disrupt the protest. Stephen Skinner was caught at home, stepping outside only long enough to stick his "no tresspassing" sign in the lawn.

A sign held outside Mr Skinner's home

Protesters call for ending US alliance with Saudi Arabia over imminent executions

The government of Saudi Arabia has sentenced Ali-Mohammed al-Nimr to death by beheading followed by crucifixion of his body for participationg in anti-regime protests in 2012 at the age of 17. Six other young men face similar sentences. All of al-Nimr's appeals have been exhausted. Around the world, protesters mobilized at Saudi embassies. One of these protests began at the Saudi Embassy here in DC and marched to the White House. Activists called out Saudi Arabia not only for the planned executions but also as the driving force behind ISIS/Daesh and for genocide against the people of Yemen

Video of the march and a Code Pink speaker

Saudi Arabia not only beheads people like ISIS/Daesh, these protesters say they are Daesh's gas pump

NO to Saudi executions and terror

DC Bike Party reportback for November 11

On the 11th of November, the DC Bike Party once again took to the streets. This ride went up the hills and around Adams-Morgan and 16th st, with a mid-ride stop in Malcolm X Park. Near the end of the ride came a display of precision riding as several riders "rode under the arch" formed by the joined hands of two other riders.

Video-"Riding Under the Arch" at the DC Bike Party(35 sec)

The November Bike Party crossing the bridge over Rock Creek above Adams-Morgan

"Riding Under the Arch" at the DC Bike Party