January 2016

Migrant and Native American activists protest Obama's ICE raids

On the 16th of January, migrants backed by Native American activists protested in front of the White House to demand not only and end to the recent terror wave of ICE raids, but all deportations. At the climax of the protest activists laid flowers around the borders of a cutout of the part of Turtle Island claimed by the US, saying" we are here because you're there." As this was done a long list of destructive US interventions in Latin America and the Middle East that generated migrants was read out.

Video a featuring Lakota speaker and the "we are here bacause you're there" flower laying

Protesting racist ICE raids

Vivisection protesters besiege Skanska's NY offices at Empire State Building

On the 15th of January, the #StormSkanska protests kicked off in NYC with an estimated 150 protesters outside their offices at the Empire State Building. Skanska is a huge multinational construction corporation which is building a high-security, underground vivisection laboratory for University of Washington. Activists are determined to prevent this torture facility from ever being finished no matter what it takes. The Jan 15 office demo is just the beginning of a furious weekend of action against Skanska at their New York City offices.

Wal-Mart cancels plans for two more DC locations

On the 15th of January, the Washington Post announced that Wal-Mart is canceling plans to build a "super-center" in SE at the proposed Skyland eminent domain project and in NE at Capitol Gateway. Wal-Mart was quoted as saying “Our experience over the last three years operating our current stores in DC has given us a fuller view on building and operating stores in the District,” perhaps meaning a failure to "capture 100% of the retail market" around each store.

Mayor Bowser confronted by Black Lives Matter activists at Navy Yard

On the 14th of January, Black Lives Matter activists confronted Mayor Bowser when she showed up at the Riverfront Bid Annual Meeting Luncheon. They condemned the racist crime bill she introduced last year and is still pushing, and demanded affordable housing and a higher minimum wage instead of more cops. Mayor Bowser is becoming famous not only for being in Wal-Mart's pocket but also for proposing more police, more fines, and more searches as the answer for seemingly everything.

Photo cropped from photo posted to Twitter by "freedom"

VA schools closing for primary election over potential for violence from Trump brownshirts

On the 13th of January, the Washington Post announced that Virgina school officials plan to close the schools during the March 1 "Super Tuesday" presidential primary. This is due to fear that Donald Trump supporters may react with violence to the state GOP's requirement that voters wanting a GOP ballot attest that they are Republicans. Donald Trump has been unique among all candidates in the 2016 Presidential race in endorsing violence against Black Lives Matter protesters and other enemies of his racist, xenophobic campaign. Thus it is reasonable to expect that violence or even organized rioting could occur if Trump supporters physically contest the state GOP's requirement for a Republican ballot.

14 arrests at "Real State of the Union" war and drone protest

On the 12th of January, 14 people were arrested on the Capitol steps attempting to deliver a petition to Congress after a protest of unending US wars and armed drones that deliver only bombs and death. At one point during the preceding protest a portion of an alternative State of the Union Address was read. It included demolition of all the armed drones and the closure of Guantanimo Bay.

Video highlights including part of an alternate State of the Union, some of the arrests, and a "Hopium" interview clip about Obama's promises vs reality.(2:55)

14 arrests at "Real State of the Union"

Anti-torture activists demand closure of Gitmo on 14th anniversary of its opening

On the 11th of January, activists marked another year of prisoners being held without charge or trial at Guantanimo Bay, One detainee was released that morning, bringing the total number of men still buried alive at Gitmo to 103. This includes 44 (maybe 43 now) men "cleared for release" years ago but still held under conditions so bad many detainees have said they would prefer death to remaining at Gitmo.Obama has one year left to fulfill his oath to close Guantanimo Bay. Congress is but an excuse, a threat to pardon all remaining detainees would easily force Congress to enact any other plan the President put forth.

Video highlights of the GITMO 14 protest

Protesting 14 years of Hell on Earth at Gitmo

Activists occupy McMillan Park in defiance of developers for dance party

On the 9th of January, community activists defied the closure of McMillan Park to the public, holding an underground dance party in the man-made cave complex beneath the site. These caves will offer potent defense possibilies if in the future it becomes necessary to hold the park against bulldozers and condo development by physical occupation.

Video originally posted to instagram by Rosina Teri Memolo

Still from Instagram video posted by Rosina Teri Memolo

Cave dancing for McMillan Park

Black Lives Matter protesters shut down streets, call for removal of Mayor Bowser

On Dec 31, 2015, New Years Eve, Black Lives Matter protesters swarmed into Chinatown by the hundreds. They marched from Chinatown to 14th st to U st, shutting down strategic intersections along the way. This time around, protesters were demanding not only the prosecution of killer cops but also the removal from office of DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. Muriel Bowser was behind 2015's failed attempt to greatly extend police search powers over African-American youth who have ever been in police custody.

Video highlights of the march and speakers

Marching out of Chinatown after shutting down 7th and H streets

Marching for Black Lives and against Mayor Bowser on New Year's Eve