April 2016

Cannabis legalization activists carry 51 foot "joint" to White House

On the 2nd of April, activists demanding that cannabis (marijuana) be removed from the DEA's "Schedule 1" classification marched on the White House carrying a 51 foot long mock joint. At the White House, cops claimed it was a "security threat" and it had to be carried back out. Activists then proceeded to defy the still-actve Federal ban on smoking pot on Federal government owned land. Two tickets were issued but there are no reports of actual arrests.

Video posted by DCMJ of the 51 foot "joint" in front of the White House

Still from DCMJ video declared by posters "available for unrestricted media use"

51 foot joint at the White House

Ringling Brothers Circus draws protest for their animal abuse

On the evening of April 1 and afternoon of April 2, animal rights activists showed up outside Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus, notorious for beating and chaining elephants, tigers, and other animals. At prior protests circus attendees have reported seeing animals beaten on-stage. This time around, protesters were emphasizing that Ringling's promise to "retire" the elephants after this year is a hoax, as the elephants are to be returned to the "Conservation for Elephant Conservation." That is Ringling's elephant training facility where most of the beatings and torture occur.

Video highlights of the April 1 and April 2 Ringings protests

Outside the Verizon Center on the second day of the circus

Calling out Ringling Bros circus for animal abuse

Global Zero demands nuclear security summit discuss reducing nuclear warheads to zero

On the 1st of April, Global Zero staged a protest in McPherson Square complete with a full size inflatable replica of a US nuclear missile. The protest was timed for the second day of Obama's nuclear security summit that has barricaded much of the Convention Center area. The protesters called out the summit for not considering global nuclear disarmnament as a solution to the danger that a warhead will be stolen by ISIS/Daesh or some other terrorist group. There are over 15,000 warheads, and terrorists or coup governments only need one to create a humanitarian and environmental disaster worse than Hiroshima, The dangers of dirty bombs and just plain accidents were also cited as reasons to destroy this global stockpile of death.

Video highlights of Global Zero's rally plus a clip of the security zone around the summit

Global Zero rallies near nuclear security summit