The "StormTrumpers" of Nov 14 are coming back

Proud Boys confirm they are coming

Riot cops at Supreme Court face wrong way as violent crowd full of Proud Boys threatens to push over or through the fence

Trumpers again stripped sections of fence at Black Lives Matter Plaza of signs, and even pulled a Black Lives Matter sign off a nearby building


Anti-fascists put up a spirited defence but were overwhelmed and insufficiently or even unarmed. Still defied Proud Boys claims that this would "be the end of DC Antifa."


Trump flag burning as anti-Fascists scored a victory over the knife and gun-wielding Magat mob. Proud Boys coudn't be everywhere at once!


Speaking of civil war: Confederate flag on marcher. Other reporters also reported seeing Confederate flags, and militia imagery was common


Durham Operations screenshotted this FOX News threat against Black and Indigenous people and posted it to Twitter. THIS is the stakes if Trump's people get their war


Still from Drew Hernandez (Twitter) video of fireworks hit on outdoor dining full of Trumpers


Fence at Supreme Court bulges at cops (whose backs are turned) as Trump supporter in mock Greek armor stands at center of bulge

Scene outside the Supreme Court about 10:30AM

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DNC headquarters barricades against protesters demanding a Green New Deal

King and Spaulding represents Donald Trump in his lawsuits challenging the 2020 election results

Engaging the target with a heavy-duty stapler and posters


The scene in front of King and Spaulding

Bike cops turn, try to block march after exploiting a lane opened to let out a car

The Trump supporter with faux Greek helmet, shield

Overall view of the Plaza. Refuse Fascism was at times nearly surrounded by Trumpers


Someone invoked armed struggle


Signs were again stripped off of two sections of fence. They were then thrown on the ground, violating DC littering laws


Torn-down signs from the fence were recovered so they could again be put back up

The scene on 16th st at K st facing Black Lives Matter Plaza. Trump to be evicted from the White House on Jan 20

The crowd on H st. Almost all wore masks


The Trump Rat and Moechella's go-go truck returned to McPherson Square

One of the Proud Boys winds up for Missed Beer Can Toss #2