Photo by John Zangas

CCAN photo of starting rally on Lawyer's Mall


Hannah Brockway photo of protest on State House steps with some of the support team

Protesters descend on the site

Works stops, workers watch the protesters


Site locked up by 1PM

Departing from the White House


Police set up two layers of plastic barricade and one layer of pen fence to protect AIPAC from protesters


When cops cleared the street at the end of the protest's permit time, this one was the most aggressive.


Protesters in lockboxes take over and hold Independence Ave by the US Capitol

Confronting Nancy Pelosi inside Democratic Party headquarters

Code Pink blocking checkpoint at entrance to AIPAC


Fists Up for the Black Pride 4

Middle finger to the US flag that flies over so many prisons

Photo by Sunrise Movement

Photo by Jewish Voices for Peace Metro DC

"New Sham" turns red in the face as a protesters is expelled while warning "we will never forget that" for what he has done to J20 protesters


Official DC camera turned away in shame as citizens called out Newsham for an overtly racist police department


Newsham testifying as police build up outside

Naming and Shaming!

ADAPT moves up from their campground in the park to the circular driveway in front of the FDA director's ritzy building


Police response was reminescent of HLS home demos, just as the issue is


Mon March 12: Adapt stops by the White House, going to FDA Director Scott Gottlieb's boss. This is how you do it: go to the house, go to the neighbors, go to the landlord, go to the employer...