Early in the protest, before most cops arrived


The legacy of Custer continues in projects like the Black Snake pipeline.


Speaking of Custer, here are some "bluecoats" standing in a loose L formation that could be interpreted as telling protesters they could be kettled at any time

Offical DisruptJ20 photo

Photo by Emilio Galván

Protest at BWI Airport on Jan 29. This protest later overflowed this part of the terminal, occupying two levels and this whole end of the airport

Protest at Dulles Airport on Jan 28 (photo by Darcy Spencer


Protesters fill Lafayette Park on the second day of protests against Trump's refugee ban


Trump compared to Hitler at BWI Airport


BWI Airport NoBanNoWall protest grows to two levels of the airport


Protesters in DC fill Penn Ave from US Capitol all the way to Trump Hotel

THIS is how James O'Keefe prefers to handle disagreement: send his thugs to beat, kick, choke, and stomp his opponents,.

O'Keefe's thugs putting Ryan Clayton in a chokehold before dragging him down the stairs


What O'Keefe's bullies did to Jason Carter

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Mary Cheh exhorted the crowd to "resist! resist! resist!" the Trump agenda

Protesters demand MD Governor Hogan support a permanent ban on gas fracking in the state

The banner intended for display inside the room as the Governor spoke


Plan B-setting up the banner against the Muslim ban for departing delegates