Out of the shopping malls, into the streets!


Approaching the Pentagon


Do Pentagon Arms deals for Saudis who stay in Trump Hotel include any bone saws?


Fists up for murdered transgender folks at Chipotle

Someone (maybe the manager) at Chick-Fil-A orderd cameras out and made threats. Photographer withdrew to delay expulsion of the rest of the protest so patrons could be educated

The last of 3 SUV's in what may have been Kavanaugh's motorcade which had to dive into the garage past protesters

Waiting for Kavanaugh to show up


March of the Handmaids after the motorcade had passed


Outside the Supreme Court as KKKavanaugh prepares to put his racist and misogynist agenda into action


Supreme Court of Gilead(replaces the US in the Handmaid's Tale with fundamentalist regime), Day 1

The Joker and Christopher Columbus-just two of the Supervillains supporting Trump's nomination of Bernard McNamee to FERC

The Ghost of Fossil Fuels Past (L) and the Joker (R)


The "UnderTrumper" AKA the "UnderMiner"

Trump supporters argue with protesters outside Kavanaugh's second swearing-in for primetime TV

The loud "Kremlin Annex" protests chased off some of the MAGAts and drowned out the rest of them

Protesters from Black Lives matter in front of the home of developer Adrian Washington

The march on 14th st near the start


Marching past a Russian Orthodox Church holding a big outdoor event. Most of those attending that event seemed to pointely ignore the protest, making them complicit in what Adrian Washington is doing.