Photo by Pronouns are Yankee/go/home @queeralamode


Juan Guando supporters try to get control of both back doors after a successful food delivery. Apparently the False Ambassador was there and tried to exploit the situation.

Some supporters of Juan Guaido with bags from one of Georgetown's very expensive stores

View from the street, North side

The scene behind the embassy, after passing through the press of coup supporters


View from the street, South side

A reporter from the Daily Caller showed up, it was made clear he was not welcome

False "Ambassador" Carlos Vecchio on right (in circled part of image) with the man who broke into the embassy and vandalized an office to his left, apparently as part of his security detail. Photo cropped and edited from Max Blumenthal photo

Later the same day: pigs backing utility workers cut off power, enter manholes. Water then shut off in violation of DC law prohibiting water cutoffs to paying customers. Photo by Alex Rubenstein