MD Del Jheanelle Wilkins (on left) at the Sierra Club's camp at McCoy's Ferry opposing the Potomac Pipeline

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Photo from coverage


Anti-Fascist rally outside American Renaissance Conference at a park in Tenessee. Photo by Lacy

This is the carload of Nazis that tried to run down DC activist Lacy MacAuley, she got this photo of it.


Awful fancy digs at Montgomery Bell State Park for a neo-Nazi convention. Photo by Lacy MacAuley


Mocking photo posted to after neo-Nazi started a fight only to end up going to the hospital by helicopter.


The scene outside Covenant Baptist Church as young people re-enacted street situation where there are better solutions that cops

The original promo flier for this event

A bit after 8PM at the US Capitol, about 5 hours before Trumpcare was defeated for the 4th time

A J20 solidarity poster on 14th st

Drop J20 graffiti at 12th and I sts NW, two blocks south of the kettle site at 12th and L and the scene of some of the most intense action on Jan 20