Circling up outside 7D

No cop zone right outside 7D


Marching up Alabama Ave to 7D

Hordes of AIPAC delegates had to pass protesters to get to the building

IfNotNow's projection aimed at AIPAC goers


Shaming AIPAC goers on their way south from the Metro to the 7th and F area

Phlly's tiny MAGAt rally/march before being hammered by anti-Fascist activists (photo by Seth Cotlar)

An armed Trump supporter's pistol grip photographed from high ground (Hub City Antifa photo)


Fascists leading the Philadelphia MAGA (pro-Trump) march (Hub City Antifa photo)


Known facists/white nationalists at the Philadelphia pro-Trump/MAGAt march

IfNotNow photo

Charging AIPAC to set the blockades-still from Facebook video embedded on Twitter


Counterprotesters stomp on Palestinian flag-photo by Nadiagoestweet


A JDL member is tackled after striking a protester with a stick and tackling the same or another protester


Banner dropped inside AIPAC (IfNotNow photo)


Protesters charge back to greet activist expelled from AIPAC after getting inside


Drumming on the "Apartheid Wall" installed by police

Police dragged activists out of the hearing, saying they were going "to the trash can"-photo by BlackLivesMatterDC

"Mock Bloc" barricades 14th st


Earlier-chalking at the Wilson Building against Newsham

Tell it to the judge, surely he can "bring it on" for you

Veritas thuggery "warrants" a response from the State of California