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Demand Metro CEO Paul Wiedefeld be fired for providing a special train for white supremacists on Sun, Aug 12

ATU Local 689 published this photo on Twitter (cropped here) of the heavy police presence inside the Vienna Metro station to protect Unite the Right II from Metro's riding public.


ATU Local 689 published this photo on Twitter (cropped here) of Jason Kessler speaking to reporters inside Metro


Paul Muntean pubished this photo of the WMATA train schedule sheet containing orders for the special (by definition whites-only) train for Unite the Right II

A "guerrilla protest" rains fliers opposing Trump's SCOTUS nominee inside the Hart Senate Office Building. Still from by Mariassa J Lang video clip

Protesters outside the Supreme Court the previous day (Aug22), photo by Mariassa J Lang

This is all the camera could do in the dark. The cops are faintly visible to the left of the cars, two of their three cars are in this shot

Day 36 of protests demanding Trump be impeached or declared unfit (25th Amendment) over Russiagate

The man in the plaid shirt attempted to shout down or disrupt the protest but was not successful