The massive crowd that gathered on the steps of MPD HQ with far more still in the street

The siege of the Hyatt near Union Station where ALEC was having some kind of event


Protesters occupy the exit from I-395


Storming Wal Mart for the 3ed time in 11 days

Still from the Travis Shoff Youtube video

Georgetown shut down at about 9PM-photo by mahrohj


Key Bridge shut down by protesters-UnTold Carslyle photo

Blockading K st

Marching up both sides of Connecticut Ave


Coming into Dupont Circle


A car's eye view of a Dupont Circle blockade

Code Pink photo

This man was injured by police

Police shove protesters while or after violently arresting and pepper spraying one protester


Police carry off the man they injured in a violent arrest

Protesters on Dominion's doorstep-We Are Cove Point photo

John Zangas photo of Chinatown die-in

Bike cops defend Verizon Center entrances while Ferguson/Eric Garner protesters lay siege to the building


Scene described as an "uprising" John Zangas photo