Ferguson protesters block SE-SW freeway

On the 30th of November, DC Ferguson protesters escalated their tactics with a hard blockade shutting down the SE-SW Freeway on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

NBC News photo

A Short Talk with the President

Eventually a sentence formed in my head that I thought got to the gist of things without risking my getting tackled by the Secret Service (I'm not as brave as the Code Pink women) and in a quiet moment while he was at the register summoned up as clear and loud a voice as I could to say "Hope you can close Guantanamo!"

DC Ferguson protesters close Georgetown streets, storm Pentagon City mall

On the 29th of November, DC Ferguson protesters marched through Georgetown and shut down the streets. When the march headed out of Georgetown, marchers transitioned from the sidewalks to block shoppers who did not drive in from reaching the doors of upscale stores. At the end of the march, protesters surged into the Foggy Bottom Metro, got off at Pentagon City, and stormed into the shopping mall.

Video of the march on Georgetown

Video of protesters storming Pentagon City

A Lakota woman speaks at the march on Georgetown

Shutting down Wisconsin and M sts

Fur-free Friday pickets Furrier's Row, storms Miller's Furs

Black Friday is also known as Fur Free Friday. On Fur Free Friday, Nov 28, 2014, animal rights protesters marched around the fur shops around the DC-MD line, including Neiman-Marcus, Saks 5th Ave, Dior, and Bloomingdales. Afterwards everyone pretended to disperse, then some of them reassembled and stormed into Miller's Furs in Bethesda, MD.

Video of march through "Furrier's Row"

Video of protesters storming Miller's Furs

Black Friday labor protesters march on Wal-Mart, get inside

On Black Friday, also known as Buy Nothing Day, labor protesters including striking Wal-Mart associates marched on the 1st and H st Wal-Mart in the third protest there this week. Some of the protesters managed to get inside first in a trickle, then a flood before police pushed them out. Several protesters were shoved by the same cop, and some were also threatened.

Video focussing on the protest inside the Wal-Mart