FERC picketers Day 2: Dominion's money in Cove Point will be spent on doctor bills and oxygen tanks

On the 24th of June, Calvert County residents spoke out against gas export out of Cove Point in the second day of the week-long pickets at FERC organized by Chesapeake Climate Action Network or CCAN. At 4:06 in the video, the last speaker says the money Dominion is spreading around will be spent on doctor bills, hospital bills, air tanks, and oxygen tanks.
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Code Pink protests Egyptian death sentences and arrests of al-Jazerra journalists

On the 24th of June, Code Pink showed up outside the Egyptian Defense Office in DC, demanding that the military coup government of Egypt free the latest 183 protesters sentenced to death and free the three Al-Jazeera journalists they have arrested.

Photo by Code Pink

CCAN, Southern MD residents begin daily pickets at FERC over Cove Point gas export

On the 23ed of June, Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) and residents of Calvert and St Mary's counties in MD showed up for the first of a week of lunchtime pickets outside FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, otherwise known as the fracking industry's rubber stamp. They are demanding that FERC reject Dominion Energy's plans to export fracked gas from Cove Point on the Chesapeake Bay.

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DC cop caught driving without lights near Dupont Circle

At about 2:50AM, MPD Seargent Nebel drove MPD cruiser #1213 with all lights turned off on a foot trail between the "P st Beach" or "Black Forest" woods and the tennis courts behind the school. He got there by driving through the school's parking lot, again without lights.

Dueling protests at the White House over new Iraq intervention

On the 21st of June, antiwar protesters showed up at the White House for the 2nd time in 6 days, demanding that Obama cancel plans new US intervention in Iraq. There were also opposing protesters who appeared to be Iraqi Shiites, the group fighting against ISIS. Organizers said they wanted intelligence sharing and arms, not occupation troops, but at least one of them claimed troops would not occupy the country.

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