Chesapeake Earth First! videos of Flood Wall St and fracking protest at NY Obama fundraiser

Chesapeake Earth First! was on the front lines during the Monday, Sep 22 "Flood Wall St" UN Climate Protests and also the next day, as an Obama fundraiser drew protesters against his love affair with money from the gas fracking industry. Both videos focus on Indigenous perspectives and participation in these events

Video of Flood Wall st featuring Idle No More and a strong defense when police threatened

Video of fracking protest at Obama fundraiser

Idle No More "flooding wall st" up to the windows

Protesters blockade streets, corporate polluters, White House in solidarity w/ NYC climate protests

On the 23ed of September, two groups in DC staged direct action solidarity protests with the events in NYC over climate change. Rising Tide DC marched through the streets staging blockades in front of corporate polluters. Meanwhile, the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance blockaded the White House entrance nearest the Oval Office.Five were arrested in the NCNR protest.

Video of Rising Tide DC March
Video of NCNR civil resistance netting 5 arrests at the White House

DC Rising Tide in the streets

NYC Day 2: Massive civil disobediance shuts down Broadway, surrounds Wall St bull

9-22 7:20PM:Protesters being arrested at Broadway@WallSt Last few being arrested as of 7:50, at least 140 expected

9-22 5:00PM:Protesters sit down on Wall St, rush hour standoff results vs NYPD riot squat

9-22 1PM:1,000+ protesters sit-in blocking Broadway, famous "Wall St Bull" surrounded by protesters, at least 3,000 estimated

9-22 11AM:Flood Wall St march diverts from route agreed to with police, floods into Bowling Green

Video-2 min overview of both the People's Climate March and Flood Wall St

Flooding Wall st up to the windows at 1PM:John Zangas photo

Over 300,000 march in NYC in Peoples Climate March

Sun, Sep 21-4:30PM:An estimate of 310,000 participants is published on Twitter, march was at least 25 blocks long

Sun, Sep 21-4PM:Marchers who have exited march swarming back up 37th st, meanwhile marchers are still coming as far as the eye can see.

Video-2 min overview of both the People's Climate March and Flood Wall St

Marching on 42nd st in police pens near Times Square

UK Daily Mail posts story readable as conflating Code Pink with ISIS video

On the 18th of September,the UK Daily mail released an article potentially conflating the recent Code Pink protests on Capitol Hill with the "Flames of War" propaganda video recently released by the so-called "Islamic State." The article as a whole is mostly about the video, if read with most JavaScript turned off the photos appear in a slideshow, mostly still from the video, plus one scene of cops in Times Squ

Photo under AP Byline appearing in UK Daily Mail story alongside stills from ISIS "flames of war" video. With JavaScript limited it is last in a slideshow of mostly stills from the video