6th night in row of protests after Eric Garner decision blocks 14th st Bridge

On the 8th of December, civil rights protesters shut down streets in evening rush hour for the 6th day in a row since a grand jury refused to indict NY cops for the chokehold death of Eric Garner. This is now the 3ed week of frequent street protests since St Louis cop Darren Wilson was also not indicted in the shooting death Michael Brown. At around 8PM protesters blocked the 14th st Bridge, stopping traffic there for the third time in a week.

Photo: John Zangas, 14th st blockade as time police give 2nd warning

TPP trade talks draw protests and sit-in, one activist dragged from building

On the 8th of December, TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks opened in DC. As the talks began activsts outside staged a sit-in on the steps of the USTR or United States Trade Representatives office, the location of the meetings. Two attempts to deliver a letter demanding release of the proposed TPP text were rebuffed, with one activst dragged out of the building after the second attempt.

A few hours later, hundreds more protesters marched around the USTR building, including both labor and environmental activists.

Video of activists trying to deliver letter, being dragged out of USTR

Video-hundreds march around USTR against "secret" TPP trade talks and "fast track"

An activst is dragged out of USTR after the second attempt to peacefully deliver a letter

US Capitol Police force civil rights die-in to relocate to DOJ

On the 8th of December, civil rights protesters had planned to stage a 4 1/2 hour die-in on the US Capitol West Lawn. They were met with threats and verbal aggression by the US Capitol Police. Since this was not intended to be a confrontational action, protesters decided to march to the US Dept of Justice and stage the die-in there.

Animal rights activists protest sale of animal products at VA Safeway

On the 7th of December, the animal rights group "Direct Action Everywhere" staged a protest in the meat department of a Safeway grocery store in Virginia. Organizers posted this video on Youtube

Still from Youtube video-protesters in the meat department of Safeway

Light show and protest as TPP trade talks come to DC

On the 7th of December, protesters set up a banner and a light show outside the office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR). They were there because negotiations for the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership are back in town. Protesters are demanding that the still-classified text of TPP drafts-kept secret even from members of Congress expected to vote on it-be released to the public