CCNV Summer Fundraiser: Supporting Our Homeless Neighbors

 CCNV Summer Fundraiser: Supporting Our Homeless Neighbors Everyone is welcome to come out for the CCNV Summer Cookout & Fish Fry Fundraiser. All proceeds will go toward the upkeep of the building and to benefit the nearly 1000 homeless DC residents who reside there. We will have freshy fried whiting fish, flavored to perfection, hamburgers or cheeseburgers, all beef hot dogs, and all the trimmings. Ice cold bottles of water and your favorite chips and sodas on the side.

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló Resigns

Washington DC - Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló resigned Wednesday. Protests engulfed the island for nearly two weeks after Rosselló drew criticism for offensive language in leaked communications and the FBI arrested former members of his administration on corruption charges."The people of Puerto Rico reached a boiling point in recent weeks.

Mueller's testimony draws Kremlin Annex protesters to White House

In recent months Wednesdays have not normally been one of the days the Kremlin Annex/impeachment protesters are in front of the White House, but with much of the US riveted on Mueller's testimony before Congress, they made a special appearance on July 24. About halfway through the protest, the SS closed Penn Ave-and the Park Police then told them they could not protest in Lafayette Sq either for lack of a different permit.

Scene in front of the White House shortly before the street closure

Extinction Rebellion blockades Capitol Hill tunnels with superglued protests

On the 23rd of July, with the the Sanders/Cortez climate emergency resolution going nowhere, Extinction Rebellion returned to Capitol Hill. Multiple teams converged on the tunnels connection House office buildings to the US Capitol. They arrived all at once and as the commotion started it quickly became clear that protesters had superglued themselves across the access doors to at least one tunnel. There were 17 reported arrests (prior report was 16), but the blockades held for over two hours.

HD Video: Superglued blockaders hold tunnel entrance 2 min 4 sec