Video-anarchists burn US flags on July 4

Furious with efforts to imprison comrades for up to 80 years each for the DisruptJ20 protests, anarchists burned US flags on the 4th of July. The USA flag now stands for Trump, for the alt-right, and for prosecutors like Jennifer Kirkhoff and cops like chief Newsham. It has always stood for racism, and the US is notorious around the world for long prison sentences that violate international standards.

Video-anarchists barbecue US flags

Body camera video shows police using force on trapped protesters on Jan 20

Unicorn Riot has cited a DC Office of Police Complaints report confirming that police attacked protesters against Donald Trump's inauguration with no warning and considerable force. Assistant US Attorney (AUSA) Jennifer Kerkhoff is Deputy Chief of the Felony Major Crimes section of the US Attorney's office in DC, is prosecuting the J20 cases-and now she is attempting to hide the evidence and the body camera video.

Annotated version of the police body camera footage with explanation of police abuses, this is the video Jeniffer Kirkhoff doesn't want you to see.

"Save our System" rally demands no more Metro fare hikes or service cuts

On the 29th of June, Metro bus and rail riders gathered outside the Columbia Heights Metro station to demand an end to fare hikes and service cuts, and that big developers and businesses that depend on Metrorail to make their billions pay their fare share of the cost of keeping the system running. A specific demand was a flat $2 fare for both bus and rail, and the restoration of late-night service.

Video highlights of the the Save Our System rally

Trump $35K/plate fundraiser for own re-election draws protesters

On the 28th of June, Donald Trump held a fundraiser for himself at Trump Hotel, drawing protesters on very short notice. Protesters invoked everything from Russiagate to Trump's war on women and the environmental record of his EPA chief Pruitt. Inside, dinner was $35,000 a plate, some paid as much as $110,000, and ABC News reported Trump raked in $10M from his very wealthy donors.

Video from a few minutes after Trump's motorcade arrived

Sign over plastic bare ass: You won't be covered

Warning: Thieves have rigged Union Station Bike racks for easy removal

The bicycle racks at Union Station in Washinton DC have become unsafe to lock a bicycle to, as bike thieves have removed many of the nuts holding the U-shaped racks to the concrete. In addition, many of them now have ordinary hex nuts, not the original security nuts holding them down. Anyone with a wrench can remove the hex nuts, and obviously someone is able to remove the security nuts as well. The steel bases on each end of the U sections are small enough to pass through a U-lock.

Video: gone in 60 seconds-your bike at Union Station

Here's the problem: missing or easily removed nuts permit bike thieves to remove the entire rack from your lock. If you didn't lock through a wheel and the frame, you just lost your bike