Richard Spencer's Nazi "anti war" protest chased from Lafayette Park

Update:Report of "25 loud drunks" at Spencer's home night after this event chanting "Heil Bannon"n

On the 8th of April, Richard Spencer and his neo-Nazi friends tried to exploit the Syrian crisis by holding a so-called "antiwar protest" at the White House. They were confronted by a larger crew of anti-Fascist protesters. As darkness fell, someone threw glitter on Richard Spencer as he began trying to escape with his crew. Then all hell broke loose-and Spencer had to run for it. Part of the anti-Fascist crew had to retreat because of the glitter incident, but other chased Richard Spencer to his taxi, from which he was ejected.

There were reports of two people roughly detained but no arrests after Richard Spencer was expelled from his taxicab. One report says Mr Spencer's head bobbed like he'd been punched out again when the glitter hit him. Some of the Nazis tried to play April 8 up as a victory, but they were the ones who had to run from the field with part of their opposition in hot pursuit. While some of the Antifa had to retreat from cops rather than pursue Spencer, it was Richard Spencer who had to hide behind the cops in the first place, yet he was still driven from the field by the remaining anti-Fascists. Not one of Richard Spencer's crew was able to go on offense and pursue any of the Anti-Fascists, only the cops they hid behind were able to do anything like that. Thus, It's quite clear that Antifa won and Richard Spencer lost this battle.

From the video, the police appear to have failed in their attempt to catch presumably whoever threw the glitter, they can be heard yelling "get him" and then complaining that they have lost track of their target in the mass of black-clad, well-protected antifascists. This was a rare defeat for a mass police charge at anyone in the area around the White House. In other words, not only the Nazis but the police as well were defeated by anti-Fascist activists.

The politics of this show that Trump's " MAGA" coalition is starting to fracture. Neo-Nazis were among his strongest supporters and the "alt-right" may be the reason he was able to win the electoral vote at all (he still lost the popular vote). Now the alt-right is protesting against their own Fuhrer, and some of them did it while still wearing their red "MAGA" hats known as "MAGAts" to some.

Richard Spencer is the admitted alt-right "White Nationalist" or neo-Nazi who is most famous for the punch in the face he got at the Inauguration, where he was supporting Donald Trump. Now he is protesting the very TrumpenFuhrer he took a punch for.

Video of Spencer's "antiwar protest" being confronted, then chased out of Lafayette Park

Hurredly organized anti-Fascist activists confront white nationalist "anti-war" protest

Antifascists confronting Nazis

Make racists afraid again!

Cops scrambling after glitter thrown at Richard Spencer

Long shot of post-glitter chaos: some break left with the pigs in pursuit, Nazis break right with more Antifa in pursuit

Richard Spencer bursts from his cab after being expelled, setting off one more scrum

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