Massive "Tax March" demands trump release his tax returns

On the 15th of April, thousands marched past Trump Hotel in DC to demand that Donald Trump release his tax returns, especially before any Congressional consideration of his "tax reform" package that might be designed to benefit him directly. A mock Trump "released" his tax returns in front of the Capitol-shredded.Similar marches took place in cities all over the US.

The march had a lot of direct Democratic Party involvement, including several members of Congress who spoke at the rally in front of the US Capitol. This means members of Congresss may well block Trump's tax package unless and until he releases his tax returns.

There was one nasty sour note in the DC march. Plans had been made for a breakaway from Trump Hotel to deal with a nearby (and turned out to by TINY) alt-right presence. A sound system cart got a crowd going at Trump Hotel, only to have aggressive interference by protest marshalls stop the crowd from following. In the end, just the two or three people managing the cart managed to catch Richard Spencer, who had earlier been absent from the tiny alt-right presence at the White House. They mixed it up verbally with him, though he was spared another round of glitter or another punch in the face. Had the marshalls not interfered, he would have faced hundreds of people, late by almost exactly the same amount of time he was.

Video highlights of the march featuring a trump impersonator "releasing" shredded tax returns and the scene at Trump Hotel

Thumbs down! on Trump's tax secrecy

"Trump Tax March" photo from US Capitol rally

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