MPD Spokesperson Released Personal Information on J20 Defendants to Right Wing Site

On January 20th (J20), the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), indiscriminately kettled and arrested over 230 individuals at a first amendment assembly.  Then, on April 27th, the US Attorney’s office (USAO),  led by Jenny Kerkhoff, secured a supersceding indictment of at least eight identical felony charges against each of the just over 200 individuals, thus tying up hundreds of folks and their support networks for months, if not years, of court battles and proceedings.Adding insult to injury, in the course of arresting these folks MPD seized all cell phones into evidence.  To date, the USAO has refused to turn over this data.The most recent courtroom  development surrounds the release of this, and all, data.  According to Kerkhoff, discovery material, or the material the government unearths in investigating a criminal case, is privileged and therefore, according to the USAO, cannot be released on the internet.  To that end, she submitted a motion that, if she succeeds, would hold individuals in criminal contempt for releasing government provided evidence on the internet.  Kerkhoff used an example of police body camera footage she alleges a defendant released.But Kerkhoff isn’t smart, and she didn’t think through her plan.Just days after defendants were released from jail, MPD Spokesperson Rachel Schaerr released the full names, ages and hometowns of all 231 arrestees; including those of the corporate media, attorneys and medical support personnel, to the right wing site  In her release of this data, she forgot to scrub the metadata.  A quick analysis of the document reveals Rachel as the author.Here’s a little about Rachel:Rachel Schaerr ranks covering the inauguration arrests using social media on the top line of her resume:Used Periscope and Facebook Live to host cyber press conferences to keep the public engaged in breaking incidents, including the arrests of more than 230 protesters on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day,  a fatal officer-involved shooting and numerous protests that shut down several city streetsRachel is one of six children of Gene Schaerr.  Gene is the homophobic attorney that fought Obgerfell v Hodges, former Associate Council to George Bush, and outside council representing Utah in Kitchen v Herbert – defending marriage between a man and a woman.The Schaerr family has collectively donated thousands of dollars to defend “traditional” marriage locally and federally, and is a member of the Republican Party.  Gene himself fonated over $45,000 to Republican candidates.  Gene Schaerr is a regular speaker at the homophobic Family Research Council.Rachel married Daniel Reid on October 29, 2016 at the family Estate in

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