Code Pink protests trump's war speech at Ft Myer, VA

On the 21st of August, Code Pink showed up at the gates of Ft Myer in Virginia near the Potomac River. Trump was inside to give his "war speech" announcing he is sending 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Code Pink reported that this speech was "bizarre." Code Pink also said the speech was a "nothingburger" with no new ideas whatsoever.

Certainly thinking the insertion of 4,000 troops into a 16 year stalemated war would change anything other than the cost of war is bizarre. Code Pink's protest included a life-size cardboard cutout of Donald Trump with his November 1, 2013 words on this war: "Billions wasted! Nonsense! Let's get out!"

Now trump speaks of continuing a war without an exit strategy for fear that "violent extremists" will take over Afghanistan and somehow manage to control a country that never submits to an oppressive central government-and has never been conquered by any empire. After the torches and Nazi terrorist attack by his allies in Charlottesville, VA, Donald Trump is in no position to talk about violent extremism, about terrorism, or any of the other reasons usually given for ongoing US involvement in Afghanistan.

Video from the first part of the Code Pink protest

Photo by Code Pink

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