Trump tax plan draws protests, bill not published by self-imposed deadline

Donald Trump's tax "reform" bill to cut taxes on the wealthy and partially pay for them with tax hikes on the middle class was not released by its original self-imposed Nov 1 deadline, probably due to dissention preventing agreement on a bill. Meanwhile, protesters gathered on Capitol Hill and a billboard truck set up next to Trump Hotel to oppose the plan whatever form it finally takes.

One especially ugly part of the proposals likely to emerge in the final bil is a plan to scrap deductability of state and local taxes, which will mean those who don't make enough money to benefit from the cuts in upper-income taxes pay more federal income tax, not less. After all, someone has to fund the persecution of political opponents of the Trump regime, someone has to pay the salaries of thugs like Assistant US Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff, the infamous J20 prosecutor.

Business Insider story on delay of Trump's tax bill, they hope only until Nov 2

business inside also reports that despite the delay Trump still wants a bill passed by the settler "thanksgiving" holiday

CWA photo of "Not One Penny" rally by the US Capitol

The billboard truck at Trump Hotel (CWA photo)

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