Prof.Naela Quadri Baloch , speech on the occasion of Baloch Martyrs Day

*Speech of Prof.Naela Quadri Baloch on the occasion of Baloch Martyrs Day, 13th November 2017, Vancouver, Canada*

Salute to the fallen Baloch heroes of thousands of years of protecting our motherland Balochistan, today it is occupied by Pakistan that relies on demographic engineering, harsh crackdowns, Chinese investments, and religious extremists to tackle the secular Baloch independence movement. Kidnapping, torture, killing and rape the mode of governance.


We appeal to the international community to extend support to our cause. In a world ravaged by Jihadi terrorism, an independent secular Balochistan will be a bulwark against forces of extremism and hatred. An independent Balochistan will help stabilize war torn Afghanistan. In particular, we appeal to the OIC to recognize our cause and condemn Pakistan’s oppression of Baloch people that is in every way contrary to the principles of justice. 

We demand that Pakistan must stop mass murders, enforced abductions, torture, rape, burning n bombing our civilians, and using Islamic State extremists against pluralist peaceful innocent Baloch people.

We appeal to world powers to constitute United Nations mandated commission of inquiry and send a fact-finding mission to investigate crimes against Baloch people by Pakistan military and notorious intelligence service ISI, without any further delay to stop the unnecessary bleeding, forced displacement, hunger and gross human rights violations as it has become exceedingly urgent.

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