Just Say No to Scott Mugno as OSHA Director

Just Say No to Scott Mugno as OSHA Director-Fired Federal OSHA Whistleblower Investigator  Speaks Out

Just Say No to Scott Mugno as OSHA Director


It’s traditional to give a President the discretion to appoint whomever she/he wants as federal administrator. However, there’s a reason Congress has a say in this process, and it should now just say no to President Trump’s nomination of Scott Mugno to be the new Director of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA has had a very troubled recent history, which included repeated audits of its Whistleblower Protection Program as questions persisted about the Agency’s capacity and willingness to make the Program work. Most recently, the Whistleblower Protection Program has been implicated in the massive consumer fraud perpetrated by Wells Fargo, and it’s likely the investigations started by the Department of Justice and the Department of Labor are likely to resume at some point. In turn, this will once again spotlight management failures by OSHA, and raise questions about how and if OSHA can regain public trust.

Scott Mugno’s nomination carries substantial negative baggage. He was and is a major figure in FedEx, a politically powerful corporation. Serious questions now exist as to FedEx’s safety record, and particular with regard to it’s ground operations and Scott Mungo’s role. The FedEx safety record is spotty at best, and evidence from recent accident reports and court cases is that the company pushes the boundaries on safety and retaliates against employees who object to that corporate culture. Further, there is significant evidence suggesting that rather than take corrective action to improve safety practices, FedEx has actively sought to undermine regulators, including OSHA, who are tasked with enforcing safety standards.

As the nation’s primary gate-keeper for regulating safety in the private sector, it’s inconceivable OSHA can carry out that mission under the direction of someone whose own history is tainted by disregard to safety standards. A thorough vetting of the Mugno nomination is required, and that should include testimony from those who know the real stories left behind by FedEx’s public relations gambits. Once this larger picture is known, Congress must say no to Mugno and yes to public safety to protect its own integrity as well as that of OSHA.

Darrell Whitman, (former) Regional Investigator, OSHA Region IX Whistleblower Protection Program.
Email: publicsafety4america(at) gmail.com 

 WW11-14-17 Whitman And the Corruption of FedEx  & FedEx VP Scott Mugnohttps://soundcloud.com/workweek-radio/ww7-14-17-whitman-and-the-corruption-of-fedex-fedex-vp-scott-mugnoWorkWeek interviews former OSHA Whistleblower Protection Program lawyer and investigator Darrell Whitman about the system corruption and blatant retaliation against FedEx whistleblowers who were working at the Truck division and at the FedEx LAX base. Whitman who was investigating the OSHA complaints by FedEx workers was subjected to bullying by FedEx lawyers who were then backed up by OSHA managers above Whitman.

FedEx has a long record of dangerous health and safety practices leading to a high number of FedEx truck wrecks that were engineered by Tump's new appointee to head OSHA Scott Mugno.

Scott Mugno VP for trucking at FedEx is known within the company as "crazy Mugno". Now Trump want him to be the chief at OSHA.

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