Islamic State in Pakistan, Baloch Leader Prof.Naela Quadri Baloch

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEWBWF (World Baloch Women Forum)Vancouver, Canada(9/1/2018) - Head of World Baloch Women Forum , Prof.Naela Quadri Baloch issued following statement to media regarding growing Islamic State footprint in Pakistan and role of Pakistani Millitary and Intelligence.The footprint of the militant Islamic State group is continuously on the rise in Pakistan as over the past year responsibility for as many as six deadliest attacks, in which 153 people were killed, was claimed by the outfit, according to a think-tank report.The security report by Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) on Sunday stated that the Islamic State, especially active in northern Sindh and Balochistan.Below is statement of Prof.Naela Quadri Baloch: "Over the past year or so, we have been hearing a lot ab out the Islamic State striking roots in AfPak region. While the IS has indeed made inroads into the region, but that is only half the story. The IS has not emerged out of thin air. In AfPak, the IS is not operating via lone wolves. It is operating in a very organised manner. The reality is that Pakistan's thoroughly discredit mercenary army needs a cause to remain relevant in the fast changing scenario. And, who can serve this purpose better than the IS. ""The "rogue" elements of the Pakistani military-intelligence establishment have midwifed the IS in the region. It needs to be understood that Pakistan Army is trying to kill three birds with one stone. First, they become useful to the world community looking for local partners to combat the IS (and that translates as dollars and immunity for the Pakistan Army). Second, they will be able to repackage the Taliban as a "relatively" moderate force that needs to be included in Afghan government to stabilise Afghanistan and combat the IS.""Finally, they are mainstreaming terror outfits, but the bulk of the jihadi cadre and foot soldiers need employment. The IS and related domestic outfits are absorbing the excess manpower. It would be tragic if the world community fell for the new trick of the Pakistan Army. If the world community sides with the Pakistan Army, that might stamp out the IS, but the Pakistan Army will then conjure up another group. But if the world community puts Pakistan Army in place, that would be the end of terrorism in the region. The community has to attack the root cause of the problem, i.e., Pakistan Army rather than the manifestations, the Taliban yesterday, the IS today and something else tomorrow."I###CONTACTWBWF (World Baloch Women Forum)Prof.Naela Quadri BalochEmail: naelaquadribaloch (at) 

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