J20 solidarity banner dropped over Route 66 as prosecution gets caught concealing evidence

On May 26, a banner drop over Route 66 in solidarity with the J20 defendents was reported to itsgoingdown.org. On May 23, the chief judge overseeing the J20 cases agreed with defense attorneys that the government had committed a Brady rule violation by concealing a portion of the Veritas tape they plan to use as "evidence" from the defense. Sanctions against the prosecution will be decided on May 31.

Defense attorneys have filed a motion for dismissal of all remaining J20 cases as well as legal sanctions against prosecuting attorneys for witholding evidence from the defense that could in and of itself lead to a jury finding the defendents NOT GUILTY. Of course, if only the prosecution had realized that part of the video existed, it is almost certain that no jury would ever have been permitted to see it.

More details from itsgoingdown.org on the nuts and bolts of the court's ruling that prosecutors illegally witheld exculpatory evidence from the defense.

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