US Hands Off Venezuela Lafayette Park Protest

Full HD 60p version of speakers at the March 16 protest opposing US aggression and interference against Venezuela:

Video Link Speeches

March and protest in front of the Trump Hotel:

Trump Hotel Protest Livestream



Co-Hosts: Eugene Puryear, ANSWER Coalition & Karina Garcia, ANSWER Coalition


3:42 Cindy Sheehan, March on the Pentagon


8:47 Joe Lauria, Editor in Chief of Consortium News


12:12 Ana Santayo, Party for Socialism & Liberation, Chicago


15:05 Jim Kavanagh, Editor of


19:08 Medea Benjamin, Co-Founder of CODEPINK


27:20 Brian Becker, Executive Director of ANSWER Coalition


33:03 Ciara Taylor, Popular Education Project


41:15 Imam Mahdi Bray, Executive Director of American Muslim Alliance


45:37 Anya Parampil, journalist with


51:48 Roberto Villarroel Quezada & Basilio Buendia Antonio Canchumanta, MAS-IPSP, Bolivia


57:44 Teresa, Venezuelan-American, ANSWER Coalition


1:03:57 Taliba Obuya, National Coordinator of Malcolm X Grassroots Movement


1:08:35 Heather Benno, ANSWER Coalition


1:12:20 Kiyul Chung, 21st Century Institute


1:14:43 Netfa Freeman delivering a statement from Ajamu Baraka, Black Alliance for Peace


1:18:24 Reverend Graylan Hagler, Senior Pastor of Plymouth United Church of Christ


1:21:16 Taryn Fivek and Loan Tran, International Action Center


1:25:13 Max Blumenthal, journalist and editor of Grayzone


1:30:24 Lee Camp, host of Redacted Tonight


1:33:31 Gloria La Riva, National Coordinator of Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee


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