Neo-Nazi band "Horna" may have played Sat, April 6 at Filipino Cultural Center in Oxen Hill, MD

Update Apr 7:There is a report on Twitter that Horna announced hours before showtime that they were actually playing at the Filipino Multicultural Center in Oxen Hill, MD. This was one of the venues that had previously cancelled.

"Satanic Black Metal" band Horna with multiple neo-Nazi members had announced a few days before the April 6 show date that they were playing in Baltimore at Diner Latino after being run out of Oxen Hill, MD and Ashburn, VA. Shows have been cancelled in Houston and LA over their neo-Nazi connections

Horna (from Finland) has a problem: several of their band members also perform in "National Socialist Black Metal" or Nazi metal bands. They claim to be apolitical themselves (Satanist only) but statements by and affiliations of band members contradict this claim:

Note that Horna was originally scheduled to play Oxen Hill, MD, then were run out of that venue. Next up was Ashburn, VA but that location too must have cancelled. As of 3AM on April 6 (day of the show), they are were scheduled to play at (of all places) Diner Latino in Baltimore. As of 4PM that had changed BACK to the original venue, the Filipino Multicultural Center in Oxen Hill, MD. Unknown if they actually played, or how much that venue kenw about them.

Here are all the details published when the show was to be in Baltimore-and confirming this was CHANGED to reflect the return to Oxen Hill, MD:

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