FOOD deliveries to beseiged Embassy of Venezuala spark confrontations and arrests

HD Video:Successful food delivery followed by attempts by Guaido supporters to gain control of both back doors 3 min 27 sec

On the 2nd of May, DC area progressive activists made a determined attempt to resupply the Embassy Protection Collective in the beseiged Venezualan Embassy.


The resupply efforts were partially successful-some of the food got in, but confrontations and arrests resulted. One Code Pink activist has been charged with "throwing a MISSILE(!) for allegedly tossing food to the defenders inside the Embassy. The "bread missiles" reportedly were eaten the very night after they got inside.

After nightfall there was at least one violent arrest including Secret Service throwing punches. Also, someone on the ground with a spotlight used it in an attempt to spoil video footage shot by Alex Rubenstein and others from inside the embassy after dark.

This video of the "bread missile" in flight just showed up on Ariel Gold's twitter feed: repost of two second video of the "Bread Missile" in flight shot from inside the Embassy and published on Twitter by Ariel Gold, who has been charged with "simple assault+throwing missile." Code Pink will no doubt have much to say about how all those missiles the United States throws also should be made of bread and should be as accurate.

Juan Guando supporters try to get control of both back doors after a successful food delivery. Apparently the False Ambassador was there and tried to exploit the situation.

Some supporters of Juan Guaido with bags from one of Georgetown's very expensive stores

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