Big rallies for control of Embassy of Venezuala end in continuing standoff

HD video of a Code Pink "Thunder Run" through the incredible noise and press of coup supporters. 3 min 4 sec

Update May 6:Unconfirmed report of pro-Coup "Gusanos" shining LASERS at Embassy defenders in possible attempt to inflict permanent eye damage

Update May 5:Code Pink is warning that if the Venezualan Embassy in DC falls, the government of Venezuala will probably take over the US Embassy in Caracas, Venezuala. They also warn the current US government would be likely to respond with an invasion of Venezuala.

As of May 4, 2019, the standoff at the Embassy of Venezuala continues essentially unchanged after major mobilizations both by progressive activists to break the siege and by coup supporters to take over the building. A feature of the events of May 4 was what can only be described as "Thunder Runs" by Code Pink through the incredible noise and press of coup supporters at the Embassy to reclaim space outside the building. The Embassy is under siege but being defended by activists inside who are representing the government of Venezuala so police have not evicted them. Coup supporters have tried but been unable to dislodge them.

The noise was incredible, with coup supporters using sound systems as artillery in an attempt to break the will of the Embassy's defenders and anyone wishing to be heard having to match or beat that volume. It can only be compared to a day at the auto races for sheer audio intensity.

View from the street, North side

The scene behind the embassy, after passing through the press of coup supporters

View from the street, South side

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