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Dear Radio Friend,     This week's show features stories from Spanish National Radio, Radio Havana Cuba, Radio Deutsche-Welle, and Sputnik Radio.        From SPAIN- Alison Hughes begins with a report on a Spanish MEP who compared the racist immigration policies of the EU with that of the Donald Trump administration. Summer high temperatures periods in Spain have grown by 5 weeks since the 1980s, and the rate of deforestation in the Brazil rainforest skyrocketed last month. India has imposed direct rule in muslim majority Kashmir by detaining regional leaders, shutting down internet and phone service, and deploying 25,000 additional Indian soldiers to the region. The US has imposed sweeping new sanctions on the Venezuelan government which called on the UN to condemn the new round of economic terrorism.        From CUBA- Brazilian president Bolsonaro is pushing legislation that would protect police who shoot to kill suspects without being taken to court. Japan and 5 other countries have warned their citizens traveling to the US to be aware of the potential for gunfire incidents. Trump has been criticized for claiming that he was the least racist person anywhere in the world while denying encouraging the white supremacist movement.        From GERMANY- Trump was given a hostile reception when he visited Dayton and El Paso following the mass shootings there. Citizens and politicians demanded that he be held accountable for pattern of racism that has defined his administration.        From RUSSIA- Afshin Rattansi interviewed Aaron Mate, columnist for The Nation and former producer and reporter on Democracy Now. They discuss the continuing effort to strangle and provoke Iran, the limited way the so-called liberal media in the US covers the Trump administration, how Americans forgot what Robert Muller was doing under the Bush presidency, why Democrats have abandoned Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning, and that new US sanctions could cause a famine in Venezuela.             The latest Shortwave Report (August 9) is up at the website  in 3 forms- (new) HIGHEST QUALITY (160kb)(33MB), broadcast quality (13MB), and quickdownload or streaming form (6MB) (28:59) Links at page bottom   (If you have access to Audioport there is a highest quality version posted up there {33MB} PODCAST!!!- feed://  (160kb Highest Quality) ARTICLE about the Shortwave Report in the Boulder Weekly by Gavin Dahl- links for this week's edition- <  > (33 MB) HIGHEST QUALITY<   > (13 MB) Broadcast Quality<  > (6 MB) Slow Modem streamingWebsite Page- < >       ¡FurthuR!      Dan Roberts "The aim of Wikileaks is to achieve just reform around the world and do it through the mechanism of transparency. We in the West have deluded ourselves into believing that we actually have a truly free press. We don't. And we can see that in the difference between what Wikileaks does and what the rest of the press does."--Julian Assange Dan RobertsShortwave Report- www.outfarpress.comYouthSpeaksOut! 

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