Student activists backed by Extinction Rebellion defy lockdown in Rockville climate protest

On the 21st of April, MOCO Students on Climate backed by Extinction Rebellion protested in Rockville against a digital meeting of the Board of Education after the scool board ignored 700 signatures on a petition demanding action on climate change. A convoy of 20 honking cars circled the building the digital meeting originated from, and school security had to intervene to stop the horns due to an audio conection inside the building being used by some part of the meeting.

A sixth-grade student from Pyle Middle School, Bethesda kicked off the protests with the words "The world is on fire! We have ten years left to stop the climate crisis. What is MCPS going to do?" This was the first action of two weeks of protests by area climate groups on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

While cops "monitored" the protest, they took no aggressive action against any of the protesters, and as has so far been the case no attempt was made to enforce MD's stay-at-home, de facto house arrest order against any participant in the protest. Due to protests against economic closures (and only incidently against stay at bome orders) fomented by Donald Trump himself, any police action against any kind of protest is now an extremely sensitive and volatile matter.

Oddly, Donald Trump first called for restrictions on the economy (though not home detention for all) over the coronavirus, now is promoting Tea Party organized protests against his OWN policies! Trump is trying to work both sides of the street, and may be the first wannabe dictator to carry out what normally would be false flag actions in the open.

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