George Floyd protesters at White House chant "hell no-we won't go!"

Video-protesters chant "hell no-we won't go!" 34 sec

On the 4th of June, DC's George Floyd Uprising showed it was not going anywhere. After a long day of protests, the crowd in front of the White House chanted "Hell no-we won't go" reminding Trump that no amount of bullshit and blustered threats on Twitter will disperse this crowd, and the National Guard can't stop this anymore than they could save the Vietnam War.

The cops took no aggressive action. There was much talk and rumors of still more troops on the way, but unlike the weather this was all thunder and no rain. The following day, Mayor Bowser issued orders (which may or may not be obeyed) for out of state troops to withdraw from the city. Escalating her own fight with Donald Trump, she has also renamed the street in front of the White House "Black Lives Matter Plaza." Probably she feels she must either get out in front of the protest movement or be left behind, churning in the wake of history's passing. She is not of course pursuing serious Black Lives Matter demands such as defunding MPD.

Smoke rises over Lafayette Square as chants of "Hell no-we won't go" rise from the crowd

Earlier: fists up at the Lincoln Memorial, used the previous day as a staging area for troops

DC Mayor Bowser's answer to Trump's military invasion and fortifications

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