"Trump is a Pig" posters appear on DC lamp posts

Decades ago, scandal after scandal brought down former Reagan adminstration attorney general Edwin Meese III. As the scandals escalated, "Meese is a Pig" posters appeared all over DC, sometimes in huge clusters. The last batch read "Experts Agree-Meese is a Pig!" Now Donald Trump is receiving a taste of the same treatment in the wake of that raging sex tape scandal.

Trump hotel redecorated with "Black Lives Matter"

On the 1st of October, the words "Black Lives Matter" and words and symbol for "No Justice No Peace" appeared on the walls at the very front entrance of the racist Trump Hotel on Penn Ave. This is an extremely gutsy direct action, driving the message home to a place white supremacists wrongly thought could not be attacked.

This photo was posted to Twitter by April D Ryan of the White House press corps, slightly cropped to fit. It has been widely recirculated. Some are thus attempting to give credit to the White House for the direct action, but Obama does not seem to be the "Black Bloc" masked anarchist type...

Trump hotel opening draws all-day protest

At 7AM on the 12th of September, the Trump Hotel opened for business in the Old Post Office building,with a 99 year lease trump got thanks to help from DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. Protesters were outside opposing both the racism of Donald Trump and the giveaway of public property to this billionaire. Word is suites will be rented out for $500,000 a night on Inuaguration night, and normal rooms on normal nights for $800 with a 4 night minimum. None of those who physically rebuilt the Old Post Office building can afford to stay there.

Video highlights of the Trump Hotel protest

Protesting opening of Donald Trump's hotel in DC