Neo-Nazis post pro-Trump flier at Union Station with Jewish caricature

On the 26th of May, a neo-Nazi propaganda poster promoting Donald Trump appeared on a Metro station post at Union Station. The poster used a caricature of Jews consistant with those drawn in Nazi newspapers in Germany during the 1930's and blamed "Jew media" for "whipping up hysteria" against known racist Donald Trump. This poster is designed to resist removal, being a very difficult to remove sticker of thin paper with very tough glue and probably will leave behind permanent damage to the underlying paint.

Video-Protesters battle police, interrupt Trump in New Mexico

On the 24th of May in Albuquerque, New Mexico, protesters fought a significant battle against police and disrupted yet another racist Donald Trump event. Opponents of the racist hate spewed by would-be Fuhrer Trump sucessfully stormed through a police barricade to reach the Convention Center where the Trump event was held. inside, Trump was repeatedly interrupted by protesters, chants and booing could be heard in the background. Protests went on outside well after Trump's event had ended, at one point with rocks and fireworks being traded for tear gas or pepper spray, at another point protesters marched over the roofs of police cruisers in victory

Video compiled from multiple news clips set to music

Protesters pierce police barricades

Protesters deliver coffin to GOP HQ during Trump's DC Visit

On the 12th of May, a visit to GOP headquarters on Capitol Hill by Donald Trump drew immigrant protesters and Code Pink as well. The protest appeared to have been either spontaneous or organized on very short notice,as seemingly no information had been available anywhere the previous night. Despite this short notice opponents of Trump's gutter racism managed to drop a coffin right in front of GOP headquarters. Inside RNC headquarters, staffers were told to either support Donald Trump or leave.

Video of coffin delivery originally uploaded to Twitter by "Frank Thorpe V"

Still from video originally uploaded to Twitter by "Frank Thorpe V"