Blizzard report: Bikes can get out where cars cannot

On the 25th of January, many residents in MD were still unable to reach the main roads using their cars. Side streets were not plowed, only packed down by passing SUV's. While cars often could not get out using their tracks, bicycles could, and once the main roads were reached could be ridden almost as in normal conditions. Politicians like Muriel Bowser are still asking people to stay home. They can no doubt summon the National Guard to bring them food by Humvee if they run out, so it's easy for them to demand others stay off the roads.

Video of Ga Ave two days after the snow stopped falling shot from a bike saddle

A show shovel compared to the height of the snow late on Saturday while more was still coming down.

Biking 2 days after the snow stopped

Motorcycle version of Critical Mass blockades Beltway

On the 27th of December, sportbike, dirtbike, and even a few ATV riders staged something rather like a Critical Mass bicycle ride on the Capitol Beltway in PG County. For years police have been harassing African-American riders of the dirt bikes and ATV's, now they find Mad Max is a game two can play. The massive swarm took over all lanes of the southbound Beltway, alternately blocking and riding with traffic. Police batted zero, with every last rider escaping. Police cars have no more ability to kettle high performance motorcycles than airliners do to kettle fighter jets.

Youtube video posted by Alyssa Ruth, WARNING-ad supported

Still from Alyssa Ruth's Youtube video

Occupy DC marches to remember three fallen activists

On the 7th of July, Occupy DC supporters gathered in Freedom Plaza to remember Kyle (Wild Child), Charlie Microphone, and Bill Miniutti, all of whom died recently. After several hours of storytelling and remembering old days with them,everyone marched from Freedom Plaza to McPherson Square. This was from one former Occupy DC campsite to the other, in the streets just like the way Occupy used to march during those intense months of 2011-2012.

Video-Occupy DC marches from Freedom Plaza to McPherson Square(1 min 47 sec)

Occupy DC marches from Freedom Plaza to McPherson Square

Gyrocopter landed on Capitol West Lawn in campaign cash/corruption protest

On April 15th, a 61 year old postal worker from Florida attempted to deliver 535 letters to Capitol Hill demanding an end to corporate cash in US politics by gyrocopter. He sucessfully evaded all Washington DC air defenses and landed his aircraft on the West Lawn without damage. He was intercepted on the ground by Capitol Police before he could deliver these letters to all 535 members of Congress.This was perhaps the most profound protest yet against the "Citizens United" case that legalized unlimited corporate campaign cash.

Youtube news video based on tourist's Vine clip

Sledders take over Capitol West Lawn over objection of cops

On the 5th of March, a "sled free or die" call went out for sledding on the US Capitol West Lawn. US Capitol distributed fliers announcing that sledding was prohibited but as of 2:20PM have yet to make any attempt to back this up with any kind of aggression against the crowd of sled riders.

Video: 2014 in Activism

Video of political protests and activsm spanning 2014 in Washington DC and elsewhere. The biggest campaigns have been tar sands(and the Keystone XL), fracking (and gas export at Cove Point), the Palestine War and above all else Ferguson and police brutality. Also action against the TPP and TTIP trade deals and for net neutrality, and who can forget the massive People's Climate March in New York.

Video on Archive, 720P high definition also available on same page

Calvert County group opposing gas export wins Activist Award

The annual Activist Awards are held in December every year by the Washington Peace Center. At the Dec 11 2014 Awards, the "Be the Change" award went to Calvert Citizens for a Healthy Community for their work opposing Dominion's planned LNG/fracked gas export facility at Cove Point.

Video-representative of Calvert Citizens for a Healthy Community on receiving the award

Million Mask March confronts barricades at Supreme Court, one activist tasered elsewhere

On the 5th of November, Anonymous's Million Mask March took to the streets of DC as they did last year. A confrontation with police erupted at the Supreme Court as barricades were torn down. Elsewhere protesters blocked Constitution Ave and another tense confrontation came after cops tasered a protester.

Youtube video of the barricade removal confrontation at the Supreme Court and a standoff at another building

Youtube video of confrontation triggered by Taser incident

Showdown at the Supreme Court-James from the Internet photo

Great Zine On Collective Housing Strategies and Tactics

Hey Folks! We have just finished writing a zine on living in an activist collective intentional community. It was written as a practical guide with tools and references to assist in achieving a more sustainable approach to strategies and tactics for reaching goals. We approach this work from the experience in our shared collective narrative in an effort to ground much of the theory in our practice.

Performance Bicycle refusing to sell bikes or bike frames to buyers without ID

Performance Bicycle is a national chain with outlets in the DC area in Montgomery County, MD. They tell me they will not sell complete bikes or frames to people unwilling to present identification. Their advice was to buy used when I asked them where they refer potential customers without drivers licenses or ID.

When I contacted City Bikes, by comparison, they said ID was only required for test rides, where it would be needed to find the rider if the bike was stolen.