Urgent: Arrests and house raids target community activists in Durham, NC

The Durham County, NC Sheriff's Office is conducting house raids and arrests of people they think played a role in the Mon, Aug 14 removal of a Confederate statue in the city of Durham, NC. The Sheriff's Dept is using video in an attempt to identify participants.

Plantations Were Prisons: Mobilizing for the Aug. 19 Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March in Wash. DC

Youtube video-2011 Amnesty International interview with Robert H. King, entitled "Slavery Still Reigns in US prisons

Plantations Were Prisons: Mobilizing for the Aug. 19 Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March in Washington DC-Part one of an interview with Law Professor Angela A. Allen-Bell

Robert H. King and Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3 are issuing a call to everybody concerned about the human rights of US prisoners: "We know the economic situation for African Americans, other minority communities, and poor whites is very difficult. However, if there is any way possible for you to get to the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March in Washington DC on August 19 , so that your voice can be heard, so that we can speak in one voice, please join us. Enough is Enough!"

Code Pink protests pending Saudi executions of peaceful protesters

As this is being written the absolute monarchy of Saudi Arabia is making final preparations to behead and crucify Shia dissidents for peacefully protesting the armed demolition of their home town of Awamiyah. On the 10th of August, Code Pink showed up outside the Saudi embassy to protest these planned executions, the sort of behavior the US claims only comes from Daesh(ISIS).

Video: speakers at rally emphasizing exactly how Saudi Arabia is planning to execute peaceful protesters

Forgive Them Hank Skinner,They Know Not What They Do..

    The silence of the United Nations,ACLU,Amnesty International,NAACP and American media on this horrific Hank Skinner Texas lynching,is just as frightening as the planned murder~execution itself..Texas was denied the ability to execute~murder Texan Hank Skinner prior DNA testing by the U.S. Supreme Court,not ordered to lose~destroy his most crucial exoneration evidence and them still want to execute him like 3rd world countries injustices.. This Communist inspired 1988 U.S.

Night Out for Safety and Liberation challenges notion that police provide safety

On the 1st of August, BYP100 DC, BLM DC, and the Movement 4 Black Lives DC hosted DC's Night Out for Safety and Liberation at Covenant Baptist Church in Anacostia. This event was part of a national series of events promoting alternatives to relying on police, and in direct counterpoint to the official "National Night Out."

The scene outside Covenant Baptist Church as young people re-enacted street situation where there are better solutions that cops

Vigil marks Terrence Sterling's 32nd birthday at 3rd and M sts

On September 11, 2016, MPD officer Brian Trainer shot Terrence Sterling off his motorcycle at 3rd and M st NW. Ever since a memorial to him has been maintained at the site, and Black Lives Matter protests took place there for months therafter. On July 31, 2017, Terrence Sterling would have turned 32 if he had not been murdered by police. Marking the occasion, his family and friends held a vigil at 3ed and M sts.

J20 solidarity rally held, court hears motion to dismiss Inauguration protest indictments

On the 27th of June, DC Superior court heard a motion to dismiss the superceding indictment and compel disclosure of probable illegal grand jury instructrions. Before the hearing began, supporters of the defendents held a rally outside, including the reading of a statement by Dane Powell, sent to jail for 4 months after rescuing a child from police pepper spray on Jan 20.

Video including reading of Dane Powell's statement and Black Lives Matter solidarity statement describing openly white supremacist cops

Photo from itsgoingdown.org coverage

J20 solidarity posters and more graffiti appear around DC

The week of solidarity with the J20 defendents continues! On the 25th of June, DropJ20 graffiti was visible at the corner of 12th and I sts NW, scene of some of the most intense action during Trump's inauguration. Elsewhere in town, posters appeared on lamp posts in a classic style showing solidarity with defendents who are at risk for up to 80 years in prison for protesting Trump's inauguration.

A J20 solidarity poster on 14th st

3D Citizen's Advisory Council Meddles in J20 Proceedings

July 7 - J20 defendant Dane Powell  was sentenced to serve 4 months of two 36 month sentences after accepting a non-cooperating plea agreement at the end of April. Ahead of sentencing, the government, led by AUSA Kerkhoff and Borchert, submitted materials to the court supporting their position that both Dane and all J20 defendants should spend significant time behind bars for attending a protest.Among the documentation submitted include

More police bodycam footage published from Inauguration J20 Kettle

Democracy in Crisis has published this video shot from a motorcycle cops's bodycamera of police assaulting and then kettling protesters at the J20 counterinaugural protests against Trump:

Police body camera footage posted to Youtube by Democracy in Crisis