No Justice No Pride lockdowns kick MPD, Wells Fargo out of their parade slots

Update June 11: Twitter report of Pride board member calling NJNP "terrorists"

Update June 11: Twitter report of white cisgendered males throwing bottles (unknown material) and yelling racial slurs at NJNP, also report of post-Pride "fight" at Dupont Circle. Same incident or were there two?

On the 10th of June, No Justice No Pride first marched over the Capitol Pride route, then used hard lockdowns to block the MPD, Lockheed-Martin, and Wells Fargo contingents. The rest of the parade rerouted around the blocked streets. MPD's contingent withdrew, unknown if they managed to get back into the parade. Wells Fargo got stuck, had to rejoin the parade at the back by the garbage trucks. Lockheed-Martin's contingent was also blocked. No reports of arrests, even at the blockades.

Video of No Justice No Pride blockade against MPD plus footage of pre-blockade march over the Pride route and Wells Fargo blockade

The cable blockade stopping MPD's contingent in Capitol Pride

New license plate reading cameras installed on Mass Ave near 3ed st area

These infrared cameras appear to be the privacy-busting Automatic License Plate Recognition cameras that MPD has installed in a few places around DC. They appear to be near-new devices, implying a spread of the cameras beyond their original locations in such places as the I-395 tunnel under the US Capitol.

Side view of license plate reading camera on Mass Ave where it passes through a construction zone near 3ed st NW.(not sure exact cross street here)

Park Police SWAT shuts down Black Pride event at Malcolm X Park

On the 27th of May, US Park Police, some in SWAT uniforms shut down a Black Pride event at Malcolm X Park. Other Black Pride events still going on. Reports on Twitter claim that the Capitol Pride organizers do not consider this incident to be grounds to expel police from marching in the Capitol Pride parade on June 10.

Reportback from March and Vigil to Remember Lives Stolen and Destroyed by the Police

On the 19th of May, DC area activists staged a street march and series of vigils and flower layings to remember those killed by police and the FBI. Terrence Sterling's name came up a lot during the march. This was during National Police Week, when cops from all over Turtle Island come to DC to celebrate their crimes, get drunk, and sometimes even riot and damage hotel property.

Video highlights of the march

Marching in the streets to remember those killed by police-during National Police Week

Protesters at Turkish ambassador's house denounce Erdogan's violence and terror

On the 16th of May, Turkish dictator Erdogan's security forces beat and kicked peaceful pro-YPG and Armenian protesters near the Turkish Embassy.On the 19th of May, protesters returned to the Turkish ambassador's home near the embassy. They denounced both Erdogan's security squad's brutality in DC and routine similar behavior in Turkey. Kurdish activists and DC area antifascists were both present at this protest.

Breaking-Video emerges on Youtube with evidence Erdogen personally ordered the May 16th attack

Video of the brutal beating and kicking of peaceful protesters by Erdogan's security detail on May 16, 2017

March and Vigil to Remember Lives Stolen and Destroyed by the Police

As police spend their week commemorating fallen officers, we call on comrades from across the D-M-V to join us in a marching vigil to remember the lives stolen, destroyed and permanently altered by the police. Victims and families/friends of victims will be given space to speak, should they wish to.

Meet at Mt Vernon Square, Friday, May 19, 2017 at 9pm.

Facing prison for laughing at Sessions confirmation, Code Pink holds "laugh-in" at DOJ

On Jan 10, Code Pink protested the confirmation of racist Jeff Sessions attorney general. On the 3rd of May, three Code Pink members were convicted of "disorderly conduct" carrying up to a year in prison for this, one for nothing more than laughing at Sen Shelby and Sessions prior to the hearing. On the 10th of May, Code Pink held a "laugh-in" in front of the Dept of Justice to protest these outrageous possible prison terms-and the decades in prison Inauguration protesters are facing.

Video-Code Pink's "laugh-in" at the Dept of "Justice"

"Unknown fascist" who harassed activist at Mayday protest identified as undercover cop

The brown shirted "suspected neo-Nazi" who harassed an activist at the Mayday protest on Freedom Plaza has been identified as an undercover cop. He and another undercover cop in similar dress were seen together at the outhouse where pigs rooted through feces to recover a cell phone. The brownshirted undercover who was mistaken for another kind of brown shirt attempted without success to induce an activist to discuss his case with bald-faced lies about the case. Both were seen getting physical on the side of the police in another incident.

This is the undercover who acted as the neo-Nazis have been acting in his use of a lie to try and induce a local activist to discuss his case. The lie used was the same one the fascists have been favoring for the past two weeks.

Solidarity protest for DisruptJ20 defendants condemns new and even more extreme charges

In the final week of April new and even more extreme charges were filed against many of the DisruptJ20 defendants, some now facing 8 felonies carrying a total of 100 years (!) imprisonment. At least one new defendant was charged as well. On May 1, while Mayday protests continued elsewhere in the city, activists converged on DC Superior Court to demand that both the new and the previously existing charges be dropped

Solidarity with the DisruptJ20 defendants! (Photo cropped and enhanced from photo on the ResistsThis twitter account)

Cops raid activist home with guns drawn

On Monday, April 3, 2017, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) raided a known activist’s house in the Petworth neighborhood. MPD broke down the door with guns drawn even though people were home at the time. According to the search warrant, the raid was in furtherance of “the investigation into the conspiracy to riot” and to search for items associated with the “Black Bloc march on January 20, 2017,” the day of protests against Trump’s inauguration.

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Stampeding a herd of 2-legged pigs through a house usually leaves a lot of damage