Indigenous activists, allies protest Potomac Pipeline at Georgetown waterfront

On the 4th of November, Indigenous activists including several members of the Piscataway nation joined with allies for a protest against the Potomac Pipeline at the Georgetown Waterfront. The Potomac Pipeline would have no connections to MD, its sole purpose being to connect Pennsylvania's fracked gas to potential new industries in W Virginia.

Video of the tobacco ceremony and pipeline protest

Vigil and balloon release mark 2 years since Alonzo Smith's death at hands of "special police"

On Nov 1 2017, Black Lives Matter activists and the mother of Alonzo Smith gathered at Marbury Plaza on Good Hope Rd for a vigil and balloon release marking two years since Alonzo's death. On Nov 1, 2015, two "special police officers" from MD based Blackout Investigations employed as security guards at Marbury Plaza beat or choked Alonzo Smith to death. A witness reported seeing him run into the hallway yelling "Somebody help me, they're trying to kill me."

1 min video of the balloon release

Trump tax plan draws protests, bill not published by self-imposed deadline

Donald Trump's tax "reform" bill to cut taxes on the wealthy and partially pay for them with tax hikes on the middle class was not released by its original self-imposed Nov 1 deadline, probably due to dissention preventing agreement on a bill. Meanwhile, protesters gathered on Capitol Hill and a billboard truck set up next to Trump Hotel to oppose the plan whatever form it finally takes.

CWA photo of "Not One Penny" rally by the US Capitol

Trump pinyata smashed at Trump Hotel

On the 30th of October, a pre-Halloween dance party at Trump Hotel featured a balloon banner lift for hurricane relief-and a genuine, made in Mexico Trump pinyata.

Video: Bashing and smashing the Trump pinyata,plus the banner lift

This is a genuine Trump pinyata from Mexico

Climate First! protests at Wells Fargo branch against Keystone XL stake

On the 28th of October, Climate First! showed up in front of the Wells Fargo branch near Howard University, which they reported is the last Wells Fargo branch in DC to be open on Saturdays. Activists were there to protest the bank's role in funding the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, which TransCanada will announce in December whether they still plan to go forward with or not.

Video from the Wells Fargo protest

Fair trade activists disrupt pro-NAFTA/pro-ISDS Heritage Foundation event

On the 27th of October, the far-right Heritage Foundation held a pro-corporate event featuring speakers such as Dr. Gary Hufbauer, who gushed over special corporate rights provided by NAFTA. Twice protesters interrrupted the event, focussing on ISDS "investor-state dispute settlement" corporate courts included in NAFTA

Video showing both disruptions of the pro-corporate speakers at Heritage

Original video clip of second disruption inside Heritage's event

Banner drop calls WMATA bosses "vampires"

On the morning of the 25th of October, a banner drop at the Dupont Circle Metro station denounced the fare-hiking, service-cutting, cop-loving managers of WMATA as "vampires sucking the life out of our city."

Karen Agness

High Heel Race participants lampoon Trump

On October 24, the 30th running of the annual pre-Halloween High Heel Race took over 17th st. Several participants lampooned Donald Trump, two of them about the paper towels he tossed in Puerto Rico as though a roll of paper towels could wipe up Hurricane Maria's mess.

Video showing multiple participants mocking Trump

FEMA riding on Donald Trump with a roll of paper towels

J20 Defendant—Dane Powell—Is Coming Home. Donate To His Post Release Fund

We are so thrilled about his release. It is a day to celebrate, but we must be mindful, too, of the post-release challenges that await Dane, and offer our help, whenever, however, and wherever we can. Rebuilding his life (under probation restrictions and release conditions) is no small thing. Folks who know Dane personally will realize how different the life he will be required to live over the next two years on probation will be from the life he envisioned for himself—in the short term, at least.


DC Reinvest rallies at Wilson Building demanding DC Government cut ties with racist Wells Fargo

On the 23ed of October, DC reinvest protested at the Wilson Building, demanding that the city government remove all its accounts and business from Wells Fargo. A resolution has been introduced in the council to divest, and activists are focussing pressure on councilmember Jack Evans to get it brought to a vote. Wells Fargo's failing community reinvestment score triggers an existing DC law forbidding the city's business relationship with this notorious and predatory bank.

Video including speaker calling out Wells Fargo's racial slurs and a screenshot of the affidavit revealing the slurs