Code Pink photo at the US Chamber of Commerce

Public Citizen photo of rally outside White House

Protesters at the Dept of State demand that the Keystone XL tar sands protest be rejected

Sure were a lotta cops playing "watch the birdie" as if protests would never include a diversionary element...

Undercover cop at DC Ferguson protests

7th st just before 8AM on Jan 15, 2014

Marching through traffic when the cops guess wrong about which roads to close


Penn Ave is shut down in AM rush hour from near the Capitol to near the White House

The scene inside MPD's front lobby

Holding the top of the steps. Three coffins were laid there symbolizing people murdered by police


Marching from the vigil at the Dept of Justice to MPD and Central Cellblock

Marching to Chinatown from the White House

The mother of a man murdered by Montgomery County, MD police speaks out in the Chinatown square


Die-in at 7th and H


Arms locked across Penn Ave by the Department of "Justice"


Not just a few bad apples!

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Photo by Harris from the Post

Photo by Harris from the Post