Indivisible protests in Olney against Nazi hate

On the 20th of August, Olney residents organized by Indivisible protested at the corner of Ga Ave and Rt 108 against the torches and hate of the Nazis in Charlottesville, VA. Indivisible is a network of groups that seeks to become the Democrat's counter to the Tea Party.

Indivisible's rally against Nazi hate at the corner of Ga Ave and Rt 108

Millions for Prisoners marches on White House against slave labor in US prisons

On the 19th of August, Millions for Prisoners marched on the White House and held a rally demanding and end to what one speaker called the "Confederate" jail and prison system in which prison labor for 50 cents per hour is essentially slave labor backed by punishments.

Selected speakers from Millions for Prisoners

Aug. 19 Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March in Wash. DC

Plantations Were Prisons: Mobilizing for the Aug. 19 Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March in Washington DC-Part one of an interview with Law Professor Angela A. Allen-BellRobert H. King and Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3 are issuing a call to everybody concerned about the human rights of US prisoners: "We know the economic situation for African Americans, other minority communities, and poor whites is very difficult.

Still Rising #1 & Reportback

Still Rising #1


Antifascist counter-protest contingent marching towards Emancipation Park.

Second day of DC marches for Charlottesville goes to Trump Hotel, Pike statue again

On the 14th of August, anti-racist/anti-Nazi protesters gathered at Trump's White House for the second day in a row. Again they marched to Trump Hotel, again they marched from there to the Albert Pike statue by MPD.

Video-Marchers shout "Shame!" at Trump Hotel, read J20 and July 8 solidarity statements at Pike Statue

Marching past Trump Hotel with an antifa bloc up front