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CISPES Solidarity Cyclers Ride returns to DC after 180 miles in 3 days

On the 29th of May, the CISPES Solidarity Ride returned to DC from 180 miles on the road by bike in three days. The ride raised over $17, 500 for the CISPES Education Fund, which supports community-based organizing in El Salvador. The Washington Peace Center reports some of this organizing will be efforts to resist border militarization in both Central America and in Mexico as being pushed by the US.

Video including interview with a participant and scenes from the last 10 miles of the ride

Riders at the finish line, the very end of a 3 day, 180 mile ride

Protesters at Turkish ambassador's house denounce Erdogan's violence and terror

On the 16th of May, Turkish dictator Erdogan's security forces beat and kicked peaceful pro-YPG and Armenian protesters near the Turkish Embassy.On the 19th of May, protesters returned to the Turkish ambassador's home near the embassy. They denounced both Erdogan's security squad's brutality in DC and routine similar behavior in Turkey. Kurdish activists and DC area antifascists were both present at this protest.

Breaking-Video emerges on Youtube with evidence Erdogen personally ordered the May 16th attack

Video of the brutal beating and kicking of peaceful protesters by Erdogan's security detail on May 16, 2017

YPG supporters beaten, kicked by Turkish dictator's security at protest near embassy following White House protest

On the 16th of May, theocratic Turkish president Erdogan showed up at the White House for an official visit with Trump. Outside, supporters of the Kurdish YPG fighters who have nearly defeated Daesh(ISIS) in Kurdish territory protested. Supporters of the Turkish theocrat counterprotested-and someone in the police gave them the space closer to the White House before cops decided to close both the street and half of the park.

Update:Video of Erdogan security squad beating and kicking pro-YPG protesters and ineffective police response.

Video from when the cops closed the park, and from about an hour later

Erdogan's goons kick a pro-YPG protester in the head

Code Pink, Popular Resistance protest as Trump summons all 100 Senators for N Korea war conference

On the 26th of April, Trump summoned all 100 US Senators for a conference generally believed to be about a potential war against North Korea. The dictator of N Korea and wannabe dictator of "North America" have been in a situation best compared to an escalating fight in a crowded restaurant between two heavily-armed, violently psychotic Mafia dons. As protesters set up to denounce the brewing war, the police closed or claimed to close Lafayette Park, as they so often do at "convenient" moments these days.

Video from the Code Pink/Popular Resistance protest