Protesters chase fascists and Trumpers through July 4 crowds

On the 4th of July, a toxic mix of Proud Boys, MAGAts (Trumpers) and other far-right supporters descended on DC seeking confrontations with Black Lives Matter protesters. They got their confrontations but not their desired outcome. The "Fuck the Police march" put them to flight, chasing them through the Washington Monument area and eventually back to their base at Harry's Bar.

Video: chasing the fash through the Monument area, and Harry's Bar gets shut down 5 min 29 sec

This is probably the best photo anyone got of the smoky chaos at the Monument. It made the rounds of listservs etc from someone's FB post.

BLM, anti-Fascists break up fascist anti-migrant rally on Freedom Plaza

On the 3ed of July, a small crew of fascists and Trumpers from nearby Harry's Bar held an anti-migrant hate rally on Freedom Plaza. Black Lives Matter supporters and antifascists descended on them to counterprotest. Cops held them apart until a second BLM contingent came in behind the police. At that point, cops folded their hand, and the fascists had to literally strike (lower) their flags and leave.

Video: BLM and antifascists shut down anti-migrant hate rally 1 min 21 sec

Counterprotesters literally forced a fascist/MAGAt rally to strike their flags

FTP March raids another fine dining restaurant, visits Mayor Bowser's house

On the last day of June, a "Fuck the Police" march set out from Columbus Circle in front of Union Station. The march stormed an expensive restaurant en route to Black Lives Matter Plaza. From there they successfully marched to Mayor Bowser's house, despite being outnumbered 5-1 by cops at one point.

Video: diner at restaurant wades into protesters to argue-WITHOUT A MASK 1 min 20 sec

"While you are dining, Black people are dying"

Fuck the Police march storms Target on 14th st

On the 27th of June, an over 10 mile long FTP(Fuck the Police) march started in Dupont, marched beyond Allison St and over to Ga Ave, and finally back down to BLM Plaza. The highlight of the march was the whole group storming the Target on 14th st to protest their calling the cops on Black and Brown people. Street vendors were mentioned-and if Target is siccing cops on their competition that is especially ugly.

Video-the march storms Target 1 min 46 sec

Storming the building housing Target on 14th st

Jack Posobiec removed, escorted out of protest to remove condescending Lincoln Park statue

On the 26th of June, protesters showed up in Lincoln Park with the anounced intent of removing a condescending statue showing Lincoln standing over a formerly enslaved person. Neo-Nazi Jack Posobiec (and Deploraball organizer)was caught livestreaming, removed from the park, and escorted several blocks away. Cops picked him up and took him to his car after he attempted to return to the park.

Video: Hit the road, Jack(or be removed) 1 min 15 sec

FTP March ends in Defund MPD home demo against Councilmember Allen

DC Councilmember Charles Allen has equated bills to cut MPD funding anywhere from 2% to 15% with defunding the department entirely. On the 25th of June, a "Fuck the Police" march ended at his home demanding the complete, 100% abolition of the police department. This was the second night in a row the Councilmember received a home demo around this issue.

The scene outside Councilmember Allen's house as the FTP march culminated there

Protesters again recover Black House Autonomous Zone from police

As night fell on June 24, protesters again were in posession of the Black House Autonomous Zone at and around 16th and H sts. Police attempted to provoke multiple incidents, in one case assaulting an elder and in another assaulting a medic. Nothing gave them enough for Mayor Bowser to order another assault on the position.

Trump's wall, second version again being decorated in one section

Black House Autonomous Zone changes hands 3 times: flashbangs, pepper spray and arrests late-night

On the 23ed of June, Mayor Bowser's cops forcibly drove protesters on BLM Plaza back to 16th and I sts. Protesters held out until late in the night cops abandoned their position and protesters retook Black Lives Matter Plaza. A massive fence has now been erected at Lafayette Sq. Not long after police opened up w flashbangs, pepper spray, swarming bike cops and multiple arrests but still had lost the area. Cops took it back again sometime after 3AM.

Video-protesters take Black Lives Matter Plaza back from police 2 min 40 sec

Front line at 16th and I in the evening

Police beat and pepper spray after attempt to pull down Andrew Jackson statue, protesters deploy own shield wall

The June 22 Battle of H st escalated with a late-afternoon attempt to pull down the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Sq. Park Police riot squads broke up this effort in a blizzard of pepper spray and club hits. The police attack over the statue effort the was so violent one person reportedly lost four front teeth to a clubbing. For all their violence, these cops managed to retake only part of H st. Shortly after nightfall a heavy bloc of protesters carrying shields of their own reinforced the front line, leading to a standoff in place.

Video of Andrew Jackson Statue incident and protester shield block deployment that followed 2 min 31 sec

Park cops used force and violence to keep protesters from pulling down that Andrew Jackson(author of Indian Removal Act) statue in Lafayette Sq

Police attempt to retake H st fails, protesters barricade and fortify

On the 22nd of June, police pushed protesters off of H st, only to have protesters circle the block and retake the street. As cops fled, protesters set multiple layers of barricade to defend their position.

It all began with a violent police assault to retake H st. Police were driven from this position when protesters marched around the block and came in behind them