Cops raid activist home with guns drawn

On Monday, April 3, 2017, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) raided a known activist’s house in the Petworth neighborhood. MPD broke down the door with guns drawn even though people were home at the time. According to the search warrant, the raid was in furtherance of “the investigation into the conspiracy to riot” and to search for items associated with the “Black Bloc march on January 20, 2017,” the day of protests against Trump’s inauguration.

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Stampeding a herd of 2-legged pigs through a house usually leaves a lot of damage

DC ReInvest calls on DC, residents to divest from pipeline/prison funding Wells Fargo

On the 5th of April, DCReInvest showed up in front of the Wells Fargo at 801 Penn Ave. Speakers urged all in earshot to close personal accounts with the notorious funder of the DAPL pipeline and private prisons. In addition, several speakers noted that the DC government is now legally REQUIRED to move their $2 billion in accounts out of Wells Fargo. This is due to the bank earning a "failing grade" with their ongoing housing discrimination and redlining.

Video highlights of DCReInvest at Wells Fargo

Black Lives Matter and allies march on 7D police station for NEAR act, against more cops

On the 1st of April, Black Lives Matter marched on Anacostia's 7th District police headquarters backed by members of numerous other groups. SURG DC and #ResistingThis(which grew out of Inauguration protests were among the allies present. The main demand of the march was that DC fully fund the NEAR act instead of hiring even more police.

Video highlights of the march on 7D featuring singing marchers(1 min 28 sec)

Circling up outside 7D

Never Newsham Day of Action disrupts DC Council, 14th st against confirming police chief

On the 24th of March, the DC Council held a public hearing on whether or not to confirm acting police chief Newsham. A "Mock Bloc" blocked 14th st outside after chalking warnings about Newsham's domestic abuse history and related gender issues in front of the Wilson Building. Some protesters inside the hearing partially hog tied each other as a reminder of Newsham's role in the 2002 Pershing Park mass arrests, and were eventually dragged out by cops saying they were being taken to trash cans.

Video of the "Mock Bloc" chalking at the Wilson Building, then barricading 14th st

Video of half-hog tied protesters dragged from DC Council and lame excuses from both cops and councilmember Phil Mendelson.

Police dragged activists out of the hearing, saying they were going "to the trash can"-photo by BlackLivesMatterDC

Protest at US attys office demands charges against J20 arrestees be dropped.

On the 20th of January, as Donald Trump was inaugurated, police unlawfully trapped and arrested over 230 protesters, journalists, and bystanders. Police made no attempt to distinguish who did what simply charging all arrestees with felony riot, which carries a theoretical maximum ofg ten years in prison. On the 18th of February, protesters gathered at the US Attorney's office to demand that these charges be dropped.

Betsy Devos blocked from DC school, DC police "investigating" protest

On the 10th of February, False President Trump's Secretary of Education Betsy Devos attempted to enter a DC Middle School. She was turned away by Black Lives Matter activists. During this event, her SUV ran over one activist's foot. That activist was later arrested, the Washington Examiner reports one arrest for "assaulting a police officer" a charge often filed to cover up police-inflicted injuries.

Video clip from longer ABC News video showing protester's foot run over by Betsy DeVos' SUV

Betsy Devo's SUV has its front right tire on the foot of the activist in the cap

In Bed with the media, Interim Police Chief and NBC4 Washington

Police Chief Peter Newsham has a long history of breaking the law, violent outbursts and skirting professional obligations.A little about him:a quick synopsis of his career as total asshole:

  • Charged with domestic abuse for abusing his ex-wife.
  • Responsible for the 2002 Pershing Park mass arrests where he hog tied over 400 of demonstrators. DC paid out millions in lawsuit settlements.

Trump's Muslim roundups begin in spite of delayed executive order, emergency protests held in DC and NYC

SURG-DC is reporting that arrests and deportations of US Muslims have already started. Visas are being revoked without warning. At any time Trump is expected to issue an executive order forbidding immigration by most or all Muslims, but he has not signed it yet. He already signed a decree (this is how he rules) to build a wall on the Mexica border. With the formal ban on Muslim immigrations still expected and roundups already starting, an emergency protest was held in DC on 15th st near the White House.

Photo by Mobasra

A View From the Rear: A Reportback From the Back of the Black Bloc

For various personal reasons I was unwilling to risk arrest at the J20 inaugural festivities, but I couldn't stand to miss the action altogether. I compromised by trailing in the wake of the black bloc march, far enough behind to be safe, but close enough to make some pertinent observations.

Class-action lawsuit over the mistreatment of inauguration protesters

A lawyer who was providing legal support to Inauguration Day protesters in Washington sued police Friday over claims the authorities responded disproportionately with mass arrests, pepper spray and batons in response to the unrest that swept across downtown. The lawsuit was filed in Washington federal district court just hours after President Donald Trump took the oath of office. The inaugural ceremony kicked off a wave of protests and vandalism across downtown Washington.

Metropolitan Police Department and U.S. Park Police officers, according to the lawsuit, surrounded a crowd near 12th and L streets and made arrests “without warning and without any dispersal order.” Benjamin Christopher Carraway, a Colorado criminal defense attorney, was the named plaintiff in the class action. The suit was filed on behalf of protesters, attorneys, legal observers, journalists and medics who, according to the complaint, were “subjected to this outrageous conduct by the defendants for no legitimate law enforcement reason.”

National Law Journal: http://www.nationallawjournal.com/id=1202777311810/On-Inauguration-Day-Suit-Alleges-Police-Abuses-at-AntiTrump-Protest?cmp=share_twitter&slreturn=20170025120024