Tenants and allies in front of Geoff Griffis's house

Slumlords shown as cockroaches to be stepped on


Marching to Geoff Griffis' house

This applies to ALL law enforcement agencies, not just the FBI

J20: Trump's last parade in DC

Official DC Council response to Trump's proposed Penn Ave parade by his own hotel

Photo by Save Our System

Lights set up behind the Governor's Mansion

The rally at Lawyer's Mall


Spreading out around the Governor's Mansion


Closer view of the lights

Protesters boo Trump's motorcade as it passes on Constitution Ave.

The Backbone Campaign's projectionists had something to say (Photo by Backbone Campaign)


Those members of the Congressional Black Caucus who attended the State of the Union at all wore black Kente cloth.(Photo by OfficialCBC)


One of two initial positions of the anti-Trump protesters. Reports were of an equal number of protesters at 3ed and Independence, to cover both likely routes for the motorcade


Cops forcibly pushed back one protester for trying to cross the street


The ugly face of GOP racism: a failed attempt by Rep Gosar to get Capitol Police to check DREAMer's invited by Demos ID's, then hold any who are "out of status" for ICE