A rider pulls a wheelie early in the ride

Beautiful steel tandem bike


Another scene early in the ride


Entering the RFK Stadium area for first attempt at the mid-ride rest stop


These cops disrupted the original location for the halfway point stop by shining their lights and were deemed enough of a threat to move the halfway point stop


Riders lit up by cop lights


Back to reality: store shelves stripped bare as shoppers (thinking a 2 week quarantine will somehow use up two month's worth of toilet paper) hoard vast mountains of toilet paper

Some car traffic but relatively few people on foot

Part of the Haines Point area remained closed to cars, giving a few cyclists and pedestrians a near private viewing of the flowers

Park Police at cherry blossom roadblock on March 22. National Guard to be added to these(Photo by Darcy Spencer via Twitter)

Cherry blossom blockade at night (Darcy Spencer photo via Twitter)


Crowds at the cherry blossoms on March 21, Good thing is people are standing up to Trump's demands to sit at home. Bad thing is people are too close together: six feet minimum safe distance. (Photo Nancy Russell via Twitter)