photo by Anthony Torres

Red paint on the Pike statue's base (photo by Megan_Fitzgerald)


The third rally at the Pike statue in six days (photo by Resist This)

Monument Vandalism

The Hammer Man

Indivisible's rally against Nazi hate at the corner of Ga Ave and Rt 108

Indivisible (Democrat's Tea Party) invokes the names of Heather Heyer and of the cops who died when their chopper crashed near Charlottesville.

It started with Nazi terror the night before, looking like Berlin 1936


The man in the red beard is WANTED for a serious assault in a parking garage right next to the police station. A $10,000 bounty has been posted for information leading to his arrest.


Another view of the same Nazi (red beard, in the center)


Antifascist counter-protest contingent marching towards Emancipation Park.

Fuck ISIS patch on right side of vest with middle finger.


Face of man wearing fuck ISIS patch.


Sinjar Women’s Protection Units‎ from Iraq standing in solidarity with Heather Heyer and the fight against fascism. Their signs read from left to right "R.I.P. Heather Heyer #charlottesville" and "Unite Against Fascism" As the Kurds have previously said, "Kurdistan will be the grave of fascism."

Photo by Code Pink