Photo by Collin Rees


Photo by Maya Shwayder

Photo by PolitiDiva

The round dance in front of Wells Fargo. Demand is either Wells Fargo divests from the DAPL, or the DC government divests from Wells Fargo

Banners behind speakers at Wells Fargo, a bank notorious both for the Dakota Access Pipeline and for funding private prisons


The stormtroopers advance on Oceti Sakowen before being turned back by a line of US military veterans: phto by Angie


Face to face with what might be called a "Colonial Stormtrooper"-photo by Robb

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The march leaving Dupont Circle.

On Mass Ave


Snowflakes are powerful, MAGAts are not: 38 years ago , it was snowflakes that shut down DC for an entire week: the famous President's Day Blizzard.


Trump just can't pass up a chance to grab some kitty


On H st by the White House



Protesters in Alexandria somewhere near Richard Spencer's headquarters on Feb 26. This appears to be another, nearby building. Photo by Tanya Hutchens

Protesters at Richard Spencer's alt-right (Nazi) headquarters on Feb 19, 2017: Photo by Bad Developr