Harriet's Wildest Dreams marches on DC Mayor's office, Dept of "Justice" and DC Police HQ

Video:the march arrives at MPD's HQ, cops are ordered by protesters to "Move Back," and Jason Bagshaw gets called out 1 min 53 sec

On the 6th of October, DC's Harriet's Wildest Dream assembled in Freedom Plaza for a march demanding killer cops be fired and jailed. Included in the speakers were the mothers of a number of people murdered by police in DC and surrounding areas.

When the march reached MPD (DC Police HQ), marchers ordered motorcycle cops blocking the road to "Move Back!" and the cops complied. It was quickly realized that killer cop Jason Bagshaw was involved in police activity surrounding this march, even though the mother of the man he shot and killed was on the sound truck! Bagshaw was called out from the stage as the murderer and oppressor he is.

In front of MPD

Rolling up on the motorcycle cops as they are ordered to move back by protesters

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