Patriot Front heckled by antifa, expelled from antichoice march possibly by organizers

On the 21st of January, the neo-Nazi/open Fascist group Patriot Front attempted to sieze the lead position in the antichoice/forced birth "March for Life." At first they marched forward while MPD bike cops pushed back anti-Fascist and pro-choice counterprotesters. Soon, however, they had to withdraw to the sidewalk and make a left turn out of the march.

Video-Patriot Front heckled, removed-and your videographer chasing their U-haul 3 min

Patriot Front attempting to lead the entire forced-birth "march for life"

Protesters block street, run projection as Manchin and Sinema torpedo voting rights bill

On the 19th of January, protesters gathered a few blocks back from the US Capitol as the Senate attempted to vote on the voting rights bill only to be blocked by a GOP filibuster. The treason of Sens Manchin and Sinema prevented any modification of filibuster rules, so the GOP now owns the election machinery in enough states to all but guarantee a Trump 2024 "win."

Video-projection of "Senator Sinema is holding America hostage" 5 seconds

Shutdown DC photo of the projection protest

Black Lives Matter Plaza vandalized two days before forced-birth march

Two days before the annual anti-Roe v Wade forced birth march, unknown attackers vandalized BLM Plaza with "Jesus" and "All Lives Matter" graffiti. "All Lives Matter" is widely recognized as a code phrase for "White Lives Matter" or sometimes the pro-police "Blue Lives Matter." The timing and the "Jesus" scrawl suggest a connection to Friday's march.

16th Annual MLK Day Peace Walk focusses on voting rights

On the 17th of January, the 16th annual MLK Day Peace Walk marched into Anacostia over the newly rebuilt Frederick Douglass Memorial (S Cap St) Bridge. A major focus of this march was voting rights, with the lead banner demanding "Deliver for Voting Rights." Senators Manchin and Sinema are working for Trump every day by blocking proposals to bypass the filibuster to permit Federal voting rights legislation to pass. Without it, the wave of GOP voter suppression laws makes a Trump 2024 election "victory" all but a done deal.

Video-the march on the Frederick Douglass Bridge 45 sec

ID rule in DC vaccine mandate locks unhoused residents out of some indoor spaces

On the 15th of January, DC's vaccine mandate covering certain indoor spaces including restaurants, bars, and gyms went into effect. To gain entry, would be patrons over age 18 must display photo ID as well as vaccine proof. Those 12-18 need vaccine proof only. The photo ID is much harder to get than the vaccine, and many unhoused folks do NOT have it. This means many places such as fast food joints where unhoused folks may go to warm up or use the toilet will be unavailable.

Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio threatens DC Jail upon release

On the 14th of January, Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio was released from DC Jail. Reuters published a photo showing him in a T-shirt saying "Free the Proud Boys by any means necessary" and showing a man with a rifle.

The Reuters photo showing Tarrio's T-shirt saying "free the Proud Boys by any means necessary" and showing a firearm. Note that Tarrio's fly is open while he bluffs and blusters

DSA, union workers demand Post Office dump Trump's Postmaster-General LeJoy

On the 12th of January, protesters organzied by the Charlottesville chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America showed up at the headquarters of the US Postal Service. They were there to demand that Trump's burrowed-in, election sabotaging postmaster-general Lejoy be fired and replaced.

US Post Office not for sale!

Grocery store shortages spread as covid, snow, trucking issues block deliveries

The pandemic driven shortages of 2020 are back, and this time it's not just toilet paper. At many grocery stores, you can get toilet paper but many juices are out of stock. Dairy cases which normally have seemingly endless supplies are now entirely empty in many places. Those who eat meat and eggs are seeing half-empty shelves as of Jan 11. Until deliveries get going again, this will spread to more stores and more products

Empty shelves in an area grocery store

Witness Against Torture, Amnesty International protest Gitmo on 20th annv of opening

On the 11th of January, 2002, the Gates of Hell opened for business in Guantanimo Bay, Cuba. Twenty years later, Gitmo is still open and protesters around the world remembered this ugly anniversary. Here in DC, Witness Against Torture and Amnesty International held their annual protest in front of the White House.

Video of one of the speakers originally posted to Twitter by @EdithSteinII 46 sec

Photo by Witness Against Torture

Update: Direct action made it difficult for Patriot Front to escape DC after their last march

Just over a month ago, Patriot Front's (PF)march on DC has heckled all the way back to their Arlington Cemetary pickup point. Instead of the expected three U-haul trucks they expected to ride out in, there was only one. The other two were out of action. PF claims they were destroyed by an opposing anti-Fascist strike team. Note that Patriot Front intends to return to DC on Jan 21 for the forced-birth march

This tire looks like Patriot Front tried to drive on it after it was flattened