Extinction Rebellion set off flares in anger at CNN wildfire coverage

From XRDC: Rebels from Extinction Rebellion DC (XRDC) set off smoke flares and dumped ash outside CNN’s DC offices on

Extinction Rebellion DC releases smoke at CNN to protest lack of climate/wildfire attention

On the 18th of September, Extinction Rebellion DC showed up outside CNN's DC headquarters with a desk,a mock CNN anchor team, characters including a devil and fire spirits, and plenty of brightly colored smoke. They were there to protest CNN's near-total lack of coverage of the role of climate change in fueling the West Coast wildfires whose smoke plumes have reached Europe.

Video-smoke rises over mock CNN anchors at CNN's HQ" 1 min 18 sec

XRDC pops smoke at CNN

Climate-driven storms undermine brand-new Beach Drive

On the 10th of September, climate-change driven storms dumped about 6 inches of rain in the Rock Creek watershed in a matter of hours. Rock Creek came out of it banks, and when the waters receded, part of newly-rebuilt Beach Drive was found to have been undermined. The damaged area has been closed, as it is unknown how muchg weight the undermined area can support without collapsing.

Video-examining the damage left by the Sep 10th storm that undermined Beach Drive 1 min 20 sec

This part of Beach Drive was rebuilt just two year ago w new drainage, but new more powerful storms have already undermined it

Multiple Protests take the streets for the 17th Saturday in a row

At least four separate protests took to the streets in DC on Sat, Sep 12. There was a march for Black women, the evening Fuck the Police march, Refuse Fascism's 2nd weekly protest of Trump's expected refual to leave office, and a protest at the home of Laura Zeilinger (DC Dept of Housing Services director) over housing issues affecting Black DC residents

Video: Refuse Fascism's protest against Trump and his expected efforts to remain in office regardless of any vote 1 min 21 sec

Refuse Fascism protesting expected refusal of Donald Trump to recognize election results

Thank You Kevin Zeese!

Received the news about Kevin Zeese passing outta this world, sent to me by Earth First!, received this afternoon in Honolulu.  It was just amazing to have been a part of DC Occupy as the pots 'n pans washer with the kitchen working group.  Had many productive conversations with Kevin.  Peaceout.  Craig Louis Stehr, craiglouisstehr@gmail.com  

MPD raids at least one house, new charges filed over Aug 31 kettle

On Thursday, Sep 10, MPD raided the home of an activist who was arrested in the Aug 31 kettle, and gave them a 4AM deadline to turn themselves in. Other arrests also have been reported. New (Federal?) charges have reportedly replaced the originally dropped charges, reports are APO, fireworks, and "inciting to riot" being charged.

Protesters beseige both 3D and 7D cop stations for Deon Kay

The 5th of September featured many protests for Deon Kay in DC. Both the 7D stationhouse and the 3D stationhouse were beseiged by protesters. The They/Them march got a much friendlier reception from 18th st diners than in prior weeks due to the cops murdering Deon Kay.That march later bsesiged 3D. As the march dispersed, police suddently threw several bikes at one person and arrested them on unknown charges.

Video:They/Them at 3D-cops only in the frame, entire Deon Kay speakout on audio 3 min 59 sec

Bike cops line up to defend 3D from hundreds of protesters. Protesters off-camera for security reasons

XRDC CNN Protest

Extinction Rebellion (XR) targets media outlets across the US on Friday (Sept 4th) as part of a globally coordinated

No Justice No Sleep for #MayorBowser

#DeonKay #SunriseMovementDC calls for Mayor Bowser to fire Police Chief Newsham after yet another young Black man is

Mayor Bowser gets TWO home demos in one night over Deon Kay murder by MPD

On the night and morning of Sep 2-3, protesters showed up not once but twice at Mayor Bowser's swanky home near Rock Creek Park.Demands were that the mayor fire police chief Newsham, and that MPD be defunded and the money redirected to communities.

Video-Sunrise Movement at Bowser's house 3 min 2 sec

Sunrise Movement at their early morning protest at Bowser's house