#NoNewKKK Don't Let Richard Spencer Spread Hate

Video from the counterprotest to Richard Spencer's rally at the White House. Afterwards police escorted the white supremacists to the Metro, where Metro police closed the station for the white supremacists' protection.

Video from the counterprotest(Youtube)

Neo Nazis blocked from reaching Lafayette Park for rally

Protesters gather at US Capitol as vote looms on Trump tax bill

Update Dec 2: Tax bill passes Senate 51-49 despite after report it would add $1.4T rillion to deficit, must still be reconciled with House bill.

Update Dec 1: Tax bill stalls after report it would add $1Trillion to deficit, GOP trying to recover

Beginning at 3PM on Nov 30, protesters gathered at the East side of the US Capitol to oppose the Trump tax bill. Like most GOP economic efforts, this bill robs from the poor and middle class to give to the rich. Under this bill, a person with $3M a year in income gets a $100K tax break, while a person with less than $50K in income will usually pay more.

Video including a speaker declaring Trump's racism as necessary to preserving extreme income inequality

Kill the Bill! The People's Fillibuster at about 3:30PM


On Saturday, November 25, 2017, on or about 2 PM, while demonstrating against Donald Trump in front of the White House, Jim was physically attacked by a hyper-aggressive pro-Trump goon.  The attacker was a young guy, very muscular, very enraged at the  demonstration signs, and shouting violent epithets at Jim and cursing his anti-Trump signs. 

Jim at White House after mugging

Protesters take over Dirksen Building hallways against Trump Tax Bill

On the 28th of November, protesters opposing Trump's bill to cut taxes on the rich, jack up middle class taxes, and cut Medicaid and other benefits swarmed into the Dirksen Building and took over at least one hallway. Many refused to leave and were dragged away by Capitol Police, leading to multiple arrests.

Screen capture of Buzzfeed News Twitter/Periscope video

Solidarity protest held for J20 defendents at DC Superior Court

On the 27th of November, a protest was held outside DC Superior Court in soiidarity with J20 (Inauguration protest) defendents facing up to 65 years in prison. One message of the protest was that "a vote to convict is a vote for Trump" driven home by a chant. It has also come out that police already had decided to carry out the mass arrest prior to the march ever leaving Logan Circle.

Video highlights of the J20 solidarity protest

Fur Free Friday: Finnish Embassy gets protest against breeding oversize foxes for fur trade

Nov 24, Black Friday was also Fur-Free Friday this year. Here in DC, animal rights activists descended on the Finnish Embassy, demanding an end to a breeding program to produce foxes up to 5 times their normal body weight for the fur trade. These "Frankenfoxes" can barely stand or move due to their excessive weight, but the fur industry cares for nothing but profits.

Video overview of the protest at the Finnish Embassy

Anti Keystone XL activists visit Wells Fargo branches on Black Friday

On Black Friday, the 24th of November, activists from Climate First! visited two local branches of Wells Fargo. They were there to deliver letters to management asking that Wells Fargo divest from the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

FCC to end net neutrality,DC protests coming Dec 7 at Verizon stores

FCC Chairman Agit Pai has announced plans to revoke net neutrality protections as early as December this year. Once this takes place, ISP's will be able to block popular websites unless people pay for "social upgrades," "media upgrades," "entertainment upgrades," etc. With Cable TV subscriptions plummeting, Big Cable and Big Telcos are keen to apply that business model to the Internet. As usual, Tor will defeat their blocking.

Protests at Verizon stores will begin on Dec 7, including two stores here in DC

"Tax Prom" with Mike Pence draws Tax March Chicken, protesters

The evening of Nov 16 featured a pro-GOP tax plan "Tax Prom" staring theocratic VP Mike Pence, $2,500 VIP tickets-and some uninvited guests making plenty of noise outside. The Tax March Chicken and Corruption Cleanup were in attendance, the former a reference to the refusal of Donald Trump to release his tax returns while peddling a tax "reform" bill to jack up middle class taxes and cut taxes on the rich.

Video of the "Tax Chicken" and march to the entrance