DC Reinvest rallies at Wilson Building demanding DC govt cut ties to Wells Fargo

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On the 15th of June, DC Reinvest continued their campaign against Wells Fargo with a round dance and rally at the Wilson Building. Wells Fargo is reviled by Indigenous activists today for their role in funding both the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines.Wells Fargo is also infamous for their role in funding private prisons through the GEO Group. Under existing DC law, their recent Federal "failing grade" should disqualify them from DC government business.

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Three Arrested in 2nd disruption to Block Fast-Tracked FERC Commissioner Approvals

The week following Trump’s announcement that he will pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, three individuals representing a coalition of nearly 170 groups opposing Trump’s nominees to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) disrupted a committee vote to advance the candidates. Three individuals were arrested during the committee vote. They stood up and spoke out about FERC’s abusive practices and disregard for the environment.

Video of all three arrests

Hundreds protest at White House after Trump repudiates Paris Climate Agreement

On the 1st of June, Donald Trump unilaterally repudiated the Paris Climate Agreement, formally pulling the US out of the deal. He called for "renegotiating" the deal only to face European leaders saying "once you're out, you're out" and refusing his demand. Hundreds of protesters gathered at the White House within two hour in response to Trump's refusal to honor US treaty obligations.

Video including Representative Jamin Raskin calling climate change "a dagger at the throat of humanity"

Protesters disrupt confirmation hearing for Trump's FERC nominees, 4 arrests, 1 detained

On the 25th of May, protesters repeatedly disrupted a Senate confirmation hearing for Trump's nomineess to FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. One of the protesters was locked to a chair, and someone threw a loud noisemaker into the room.

Update May 26 7PM: Everyone is out of lockup, one facing possible jury trial, two no-papered, another activist was cited and released at the scene

Video-intense disruption of the FERC commissioners' confirmation hearing with protest continuing in the hall outside

A protester tied to a chair is dragged out of the hearing

March on Monsanto protests GMO's, white phosphorus

On the 20th of May, the annual March on Monsanto marched from the White House to Monsanto's DC corporate lobbying office on I st by the south side of Franklin Square. This time around, protesters were demanding not only an end to Monsanto's genetically modified crops and seed patents but also to their production of white phosphorus, sold to the US military and used in places like Gaza.

DC Reinvest again rallies at Wells Fargo against DAPL and other pipelines

On the 17th of May, DC Reinvest and Rising Hearts Coalition once again showed up in front of the Wells Fargo across 17th st from the White House. They were demanding that Wells Fargo dump the Dakota Access Pipeline and similar pipelines such as the revived Keystone XL. Failing that, they are demanding that the DC Government terminate their business relationship with Wells Fargo and advising depositors to move their money elsewhere.

Video of the Wells Fargo speakers and round dance