Beyond Extreme Energy, 3ed Act blockade FERC against Manchin, MVP

On the 18th of May, Beyond Extreme Energy and 3ed Act backed up frontline activists, descending on the monthly meeting of FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Protesters blocked the driveway with rocking chairs and protrayed the Commissioners as puppets of W Va Senator Joe Manchin. Manchin is still promoting coal, fracking, and the infamous Mountain Valley Pipeline or MVP.

Video from clips by BXEaction 1 min

FERC's driveway blockaded(photo by BXEaction)

Declare Emergency paints up Degas "Little Dancer" sculpture

At around 11AM on April 27, Declare Emergency entered the National Gallery of Art. Inside, they both handprinted and poured mock blood and oil onto the clear plastic casing around Edgar Degas' "little dancer of 14 years" statue. They then sat down and waited for arrest. This is in the footsteps of UK based "just stop oil" which has also targeted artworks. In this case, no damage to the sculpture itself was possible or intended. Declare Emergency stated that "human expression is being destroyed by climate change."

Video by Ford Fischer 5 min

Still from video by Ford Fischer

Green Groups Rally On Earth Day, Warn Fossil Fuels Imperil Life As We Know It

Washington DC—Over 40 green groups rallied on Earth Day at Freedom Plaza to celebrate the Earth’s natural beauty while calling on world and local leaders to get serious about ending the use of fossil fuel energy sources. The Saturday event saw hundreds join a in panorama of environmental and social justice messages on a common theme: any further delay in ending carbon based energy sources-oil, methane, and coal, and continued reliance on these energy sources—would lock in rising global heat levels and imperil the existence of all the future generations.

In-depth video by DC Media Group 4 min 57 sec

DC Earth Day reportback

DC's Earth Day marched towards the White House after a series of events on Freedom Plaza. Heavy rains passed through, about half the participants stayed through it and continued the event. "Hundreds" reported present even after the rain.

Video of the rally and march 1 min 25 sec

Still from Extinction Rebellion DC video

Earth First!er Andy Caffrey INFORMATIONAL: Global Climate Destabilization. [Original message sent to CA congressman Jared Huffman]

Warmest spiritual greetings, Please accept this email forward, which was sent to me from Earth First!er and pioneering videographer Andy Caffrey of Garberville, California.  I am sharing this because it is chock full of crucial information in regard to global climate destabilization, from an impeccable independent radical environmental source who is devoid of any political affiliation.  Please get this out far and wide!  Thank you very much, Craig Louis Stehr April 6th, 2023  A.D.   Part 1: 

CCAN holds "EPA Stop Smoking" protest against delay of power plant CO2 regs

On the 4th of April, Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAA) held a rally and march on the headquarters of the EPA. They were demanding that the EPA stop delaying the issuance of carbon and other emission regulations for power plants and other major facilities. A New Orleans style brass band was included in the march, as is often the case in DC action.

Video of the march and rally 3 min 27 sec

Shut Down DC holds Stop Cop City protest at DOJ

On the 28th of March, Shut Down DC protested at the Dept of Justice, demanding a Federal investigation into Georgia's human rights abuses over the Cop City project in Weelaunee Forest. At this time eight attendees at the march 5 music festival there are still being held without bond over muddy shoes or legal support numbers written on their arms.

Photo by Benjamin Goloff

Elders target big banks over climate change with rocking chair protests

On the 21st of March, elders backed by a few younger supporters picketed four climate-destroying banks by sitting in rocking chairs in front of their branches. Some of the protesters said they were doing this for their grandchildren. The "Third Act" coalition is demanding big banks get out of investments in fossil fuels.

DC Media Group video of the protest 1 min 13 sec

Photo by DC Media Group

Posters slamming Washington Gas for unsafe product replace ads at Metrobus stops

On the 18th of March, on Metrobus stops spread out all over DC, corporate ads were replaced with posters hammering Washington Gas. The posters placed by unknown activists slammed gas stoves and gas in the house for causing health problems, burning down the climate, and charging everyone for the "privilige" of doing do.

Weelaunee Forest: Police Raid Medic space in SE Atlanta