More video of police running and assaulting protesters at Nov 15 DNC protest

Video-cops chase and assault protesters and media alike on Nov 15 1 min

This is video of cops running and attacking not only protesters but media at the Nov 15 protest at the Democratic National Committee in DC.

Let's be clear: ALL the violence was started by the cops, who inflicted somewhere around 100 injuries and reported only six in return. The protest itself was a vigil reinforced by a nonviolent, arm-locked blockade of the DNC's doors. Cops met this with a level of raw force and brutality rarely seen at protests in DC.

Some suggested the more macho elements in the Capitol Police were trying to make up for the clobbering they got at the hands of violent far-right extremists on Jan 6, 2021.

This remains relevent in the face of rising police brutality and official harassment and outright oppression of pro-Palestine protesters not only on Turtle Island but globally.

On the 22nd of November six people in so-called Canada were arrested in a series of police raids on homes of pro-Palestine activists. Florida legislators are proposing to report pro-Palestine students to the Dept of Homeland Security, ban pro-Palestine student organizations from using university funds or buildings, and revoke in-state tuition, grant, and loan access to pro-Palestine students.

In the face of this nastiness, pro-Palestine activists are being advised by some to conceal their identities at all times when in action, and generally ramp up security precautions. It is clear that the humiliation of the Democrats and GOP alike at being called on the carpet for supporting genocide is more than they can bear, so from the DNC to DeSantis they are lashing out.

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