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Trump's name GONE from Old Post Office building

In Spring 2022, Trump threw in the hotel towel in DC, selling his hotel lease to an investor's group from Miami. As of June 2022, his ugly name is finally GONE from the facade of the Old Post Office Building. After years of fighting and a year of relative peace, the presence of Trump has been removed from Penn Ave.

The Old Post Office Building without the garish and ugly Trump nameplate

Pro-Confederate rally at Stone Mountain (near Atlanta, GA) draws armed counterprotest

On the 30th of April, the so-called "Sons of Confederate Veterans" held a rally at Stone Mountain just outside Atlanta, GA. They had Confederate flags etc, glorifying the age of slavery. Counterprotesters ranging from the NAACP to a security contingent of armed antifascists marched into Stone Mountain Park, where a shouting match ensued. The neo-Confederates were permitted by the Park Service to fire blank cannon salutes.

Video-confronting "Sons of Confederate Veterans" at Stone Mountain 1 min 28 sec

Neo-Confederates firing a cannon salute at Stone Mountain as anti-facist protesters advance on them

Convoy livestreamer's car "tagged" for the 4th time

On the 27th of March, this communique appeared on Twitter:

"We received some anonymous pictures and videos of Henry aka BrantForLiberty’s car in Hagerstown. Oof looks rough Henry, but you did tell antifa to up their game."

Video based on 12 second clip released by an anonymous source 12 sec

anonymous photo

Video-confronting the convoy in DC over their covid outbreak

On the 25th of March, the so-called "People's Convoy" made a final loop though DC exiting by the 14th st bridge. These same vehicles were spotted earlier on Wisconsin Ave. There were relatively few vehicles in this segment compared to their initial March 6 appearance on the Beltway. A DC Indymedia reporter confronted convoy members about their support for Trump-and about the "bad cough" going around at Hagerstown Speedway.

Video-DC Indymedia reporter challenges convoy about their covid outbreak and support for Trump (2 min)(note-ends w footage of 3-16 assault by convoy on another biker

This crossed guns and "punisher" skull flag suggest hard fascists in this vehicle

So-called "People's Convoy" gets disruption, direct action after threat to BLM Plaza

Video-direct action against the convoys 3-18 to 3-21 31 sec

On the 18th of March, a convoy speaker at Hagerstown Speedway threatened to scrape the paint from BLM Plaza, then tar and feather the plaza and "all our delegates." This brought a firestorm of counterattack down on the convoy. On the 18th, one of their livestreamers got a facefull of soda. The next day, a solo biker riding as slow as possible all but stopped the convoy near the White House. On March 21, another convoy livestreamer got his car covered in root beer and antifa stickers.

Solo biker blocking the convoy: one "longtail" holding many bobtails!

MAGAt Convoy targets BLM Plaza but fails to deliver on paint removal, tar and feathers

On the 18th of March, the so-called "People's Convoy" decided to attack a new target: Black Lives Matter Plaza. In a chilling speech, they threatened to "scrape up" the paint, then tar and feather politicians and BLM activists alike. Most of the trucks were confined to the freeways as Mayor Bowser again blocked all exits, but some leakers got downtown in late afternoon. Although they illegally drove onto the plaza, they did not succeed in damaging the paint or tarring and feathering anyone.

Video: the convoy in DC, the threatening speech, and limited ability of the convoy to deliver on threats to BLM Plaza 2 min 22 sec

Nightmare traffic jam as convoy attempts to escape freeways while Bowser/MPD dumps MAGAt trash into Anacostia

"Truckers" convoy enters DC

On the 15th, 16th and 17th of March, the so-called "People's Convoy" overcame police defenses aimed at keeping them out of DC after failed attempts the previous day. On the 16th they streamed through NY Ave and there were numerous incidents of DC residents (especially femmes) being harassed. On the 17th they entered the city in small, scattered groups that were actually hard to find.

Some of the supplies liberated by a reported antifa "raccooning" raid on the convoy's supply dump at Hagerstown Speedway

Solo counterprotester drives antifa flag through MAGAt convoy on Beltway

On the 6th of March, the long-expected MAGAt/antivax convoy descended on the Capitol Beltway. Included in the convoy were many with pro-Trump and pro militia banners. There was even explicit support for the J6 coup attempt. A single counterprotester drove through them with a large antifa flag flying from their car.

Video-Trumpers/MAGAts and militia supporters in convoy, antifa flag opposing them 46 sec

"Showing the flag" mission against convoy of anti-vax/antimask Trumpers

"Trucker" rally for State of the Union draws zero turnout

At attempt to organize a "trucker" convoy rally at the Washington Monument on March 1 failed with the organizeer whining "where are the trucks?" on Twitter. This was supposed to cooincide with Biden's State of the Union address. For far-right organizers to enter DC would be to subject themselves to scrutiny by the US Marshalls and FBI which are still hunting J6 fugitives and unindicted co-conspirators, so they may have been scared away.

Only media at the stage: no-show for the "trucker" convoy against the State of the Union address (still from Ford Fischer video)

Convoy FAIL! First "trucker" convoy to arrive in DC area is 3 vehicles

Late afternoon on Feb 23, three vehicles of Bob Bolus's convoy to "Washington" (actually the Beltway) arrived in the DC area. There had been 8 earlier but two flat tires delayed their departure and traffic obstructed the convoy instead of the other way around. They had the usual anti-vax and pro-Trump flags and signs. The three vehicles that made it to the last I-95 rest stop before DC were one semi, one pickup truck, and one SUV-that's IT.

Video: interviews with participants. One claims his truck has been trashed and burned, none would answer whether "my body my choice" includes abortion 2 min 56 sec