Anti-Trans bigots at GW draws larger counterprotest, Hate Bus stays other side of town

Update 4-4-2017:NOM published photo of hate bus at US Capitol, this was apparently as close to GW as they dared to approach.Not sure when photo taken either.

On the 3rd of April, NOM's so-called "Free Speech Bus" also known as the "hate bus" for anti-Trangender images on its sides was due to appear in DC. A few anti-Transgender bigots showed up at George Washington University and attracted a student counterprotest leavened with counterinaugural veterans. They left after about an hour, with nobody having found the "Hate Bus," and were from an apparently unrelated group. There was no mention on NOM's twitter feed of even arriving in DC.

Video from the GWU counterprotest plus clip from Philly showing possible reason for hate bus no-show at GWU (1 min 3 sec)

Counterprotesting the anti-Trans bigots who appeared without the bus at GW University

GLBTQ Dance protest marches on Ivanka Trump's house from Dupont Circle

On April 1. 2017, a Dance Protest marched from Dupont Circle to Ivanka Trump's house, calling on her to protect LGBTQIA rights.

Video originally published by #ResistThis on Twitter

#ProtectTransWomen Speakout held on Freedom Plaza

On the 15th of March, under a brutally cold wind, transgender folks and their allies held a "speakout" on Freedom Plaza. This was just days after vandals trashed Casa Ruby LBGT Community Center and assaulted staff members.

Photo by Lauryn Gutierrez

Women strike from all labor, march against Trump and his policies

On the 8th of march, women all over the US staged a general strike known as the “Day without women.” In this area the strike closed among the PG County school system and a DC chain of charter schools. Some of the strikers marched on the White House against Trump’s re-imposition of the “Mexico City” global gag rule against global health providers who accept US funds ever discussing abortion with patients.

Video of the march on the White House against the abortion gag rule

Video from the second march, from Dept of Labor demanding fair wages for women and tipped workers

Marching up 15th st against Trump's abortion gag rule

Emergency Protest at the White House against Trump's revocation of trans students protections

On the 22nd of February, Donald Trump issued the executive order equivalent of those bigoted GOP "bathroom bills" targetting transgender students. He revoked the federal guidelines permitting trans students in public schools to use the restroom corrosponding to their gender identities. As he did so, protesters gathered outside the White House to denounce Trump's potty decree.

Video from the emergency transgender protest at the White House (38 sec)

LGBTQ makeout/protest held in front of Trump Hotel

On the 19th of February, GLBTQ activists held a "make-out" protest in front of Trump Hotel. This was a spin-off from similar events held in front of Trump Tower in New York City. Organizers have stated "President Trump insists he stands for the LGBTQ+ community, the LGBTQ+ community stands for the fair and just treatment of all underprivileged groups." This is a clear rejection of the "Lavendar Shield" strategy by which some right-wing forces try to pit the GLBTQ and Muslim communities against each other.

Video clip from the makeout/protest at Trump Hotel

Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence get home demos

On the 8th of February, the Washington, DC LGBTQ Welcoming Committee held a silent solidarity vigil at the Islamic Center, then marched up Mass Ave to deliver a valentine to the home of VP Mike Pence. Meanwhile, a Queer Women's group held a second protest at the home of GOP Sen Majority leader Mitch McConnell.

HD 720p video of march on, dance party at, and attempted Valentine delivery to Mike Pence's house

The Queer Dance Party at the US Naval Observatory, home of VP Mike Pence

Queer Dance Party from Trump Hotel to WhiteHouse

On the 3rd of September, another massive, anti-trump Queer Dance party like the one at Mike Pence's house the day before the Inauguration was held. This time around the march went from Trump Hotel to the White House

Video originally uploaded to Twitter by #disruptJ20

Offical DisruptJ20 photo

Women's march outdraws Trump's Inauguration

On the 21st of January, the Women's March, was declared by organizers to be the largest Inaugural protest in history, outdrawing Trump's "orange man" inaugural the day before. It was so but the orignal march route on the Mall was filled with rallygoers, forcing cancellation of the originally planned march. As a result,unoffical marches went past the White House, shut down Chinatown, and generally took over nearby streets.

Video of the "unofficial" march passing the White House and proceeding on H st

The "unoffiical" march past the White House

Massive Queer Dance Party takes the street near Michael Pence's house

On the 18th of January, a packed crowd marched from the Friendship Heights Metro to Western Eve and Tenneson St, as close to the home of Mike Pence as police barricades on the side street would let them get. Most of the crowd had to stay on Western Ave simply due to its size. The message of the crowd was simple: the hate and bigotry Pence stands for will not be tolerated. This was a Disrupt J20 and Werk for Peace event.

Video highlights of the march on Mike Pence's house

Dancing near Mike Pence's house