Proud Boys, "Moms4Liberty" turn Hernando County, FL school board meeting to circus over Disney film

Proud Boys, so-called "Moms4Liberty" turn Hernando County, FL school board meeting into circus with anti-LGBTQ hate. All this was over the Disney movie "strange world" which simply includes a Gay character in a movie about saving the world.

Video-Proud Boys, "Moms4Liberty" Hernando County School Board meeting 3 min 38 sec

"Justice" Alito gets another residential protest

On the 26th of May, "Justice" Samuel Alito (aka the Witchburner) got yet another abortion rights protest at his Northern Virginia home. He's been getting these for over a year after citing Matthew Hale in the Dobb's decision to let states revoke abortion rights.

Video from raw clips by Our Rights DC 1 min 5 sec

DeSantis's "Twitter Fail" Presidential announcement draws protesters to 4 Seasons Miami

On the 24th of May, Florida's fascist and theocratic extremist governor Ron DeSantis formally announced he is running for President in 2024. This announcement was delayed over a half hour by "problems" at Twitter of unknown origin. In Miami, his supporters were beginning a two day retreat at the Four Seasons Miami. This drew a small number of pro-Trump protesters and a large number of anti-GOP/anti-Fascist/anti-theocratic protesters. At least three of the latter got inside the event before being expelled.

Video of the anti-theocrat/anti-GOP/anti-Fascist protest against DeSantis 3 min 48 sec

Women's Voices of SW Florida activists eating pudding inside the Four Seasons 54 sec

Protesters in downtown Miami against DeSantis

Abortion Rights activists march in Ft Lauderdale, FL

On the 20th of May, protesters marched through the streets of downtown Ft Lauderdale, FL for abortion rights. A key chant of the march was “Free State? Where’s my freedom!”

Video: abortion rights march in downtown Ft Lauderdale, FL 57 sec

Defenders of Lakeland Women's Health Center protest ribbon cutting for fake clinic next door

Antiabortion extremists have developed a nasty habit of opening fake clinics loaded with Bible propaganda next to abortion clinics. On the 16th of March, one of these fake clinics next to Lakeland Women's Health Center in Florida held a ribbon cutting ceremony. The ceremony drew an angry and noisy protest from defenders of the legitimate clinic and from Occupy Polk.

Video: Clinic defenders and Occupy Polk protest fake clinic ribbon cutting ceremony 3 min 37 sec

Up on the fence wall defending the legitimate clinic

Attempt by Christian extremists to disrupt drag show defeated on Barracks Row

On the 13th of May, far-right Christian extremists again attempted without success to disrupt a drag show at a venue on Barracks Row in SE DC. Again a solid wall of umbrellas blocked their view of people entering the venue, again loud music made their hateful words hard to hear.

Video from raw clips by Our Rights DC 24 sec

Outside the venue (cropped from photo by Our Rights DC)

Occupy Polk Day 2: campaign for ballot question to protect abortion in FL

The 10th of May was the second day of Occupy Polk, which is camping on private property at a women's clinic, out of reach of cops attempting to arrest them for or otherwise prevent them from camping. They are campaigning to put a referendum on the 2024 Florida ballot to guarantee abortion rights and overturn all of DeSantis's extremist anti-abortion laws.

Video: rallying at the roadside, trying to pay Sen Collins a visit 1 min 35 sec

Kavanaugh, Roberts get surprise home demos without MoCo cops present

On the 4th of May, mushrooming financial and ethics scandals continued to embroil the Supreme Court. Protesters demanding a code of ethics for SCOTUS showed up by surprise marching past the Chevy Chase homes of "justices" Kavanaugh and Roberts.

Video from raw clips by Our Rights DC 2 mijn 15 sec

Photo by Our Rights DC

Dream Defenders take over Ron DeSantis's office in FL State Capitol, 14 arrests

On the 3ed of May, activists from Dream Defenders and other groups all over Florida took over the office of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The sit-in lasted 7 hours, and at one point a DeSantis staffer was caught on video brazenly feasting on cake in full "let them eat cake" fashion.

Video including DeSantis staffer w cake, and police violence towards protesters 1 min 28 sec

Still from Dream Defenders video

Reportback from Apr 24 Orlando, FL trangender rights rally

On the 24th of April, transgender folks and their supporters gathered in drenching rain in Orlando, defying a threat of armed attack by an out of state pastor’s son as well as the rain.A grand total of nine Fascists showed up to harass them, thinking at first the rally had been “rained out” but people fighting for their lives cannot be rained out. The Fascist counterprotest by comparison was mostly rained out, those who did show were outnumbered at least five to one.

Video of the march in the rain and rally at Orlando City Hall 3 min 22 sec