Hundreds strong DC Bike Party takes to the streets

On the 14th of June, the DC Bike Party returned to the streets for the annual Pride month ride. This ride doubled as a fundraiser for the DC Center for the LGBT Community.

Video from the June 14 2017 DC Bike Party

DC Bike Party for May 2017

On the 10th of May the DC Bike Party took to the streets again. This ride was themed as the "spy ride" and began just before sunset from Dupont Circle. DC Bike Parties are normally on the 2nd Wednesday of the warmer months, starting 8PM at Dupont Circle. Hundreds of riders usually show up.

Video from the May DC Bike Party

Motorist threatening to ram can't stop DC Bike Party

On the 12th of April, the DC Bike Party again took to the streets of DC. Before the ride even got out of Dupont Circle, motorists began honking-and one yuppie in a BMW attempted without success to ram through the cyclists. He was stopped and the ride continued without further interference.

Video of the April DC Bike Party and incident with a motorist trying to ram through

Riders swarm in to block BMW driver who attempted to ram his way through the DC Bike Party

Massive "Catharsis" bonfire burns on Mall, thousands march again against Trump

On the 12th of November, anti drug war activists held their annual "Catharsis" bonfire by the Washington Monument. This year's was unusually emotional due to the Trump election. To many attendees the fire symbolized in part chasing away the evil that Trump has summoned forth. A special DC Bike Party rode to Catharsis. Meanwhile, Twitter reports indicated up to 4,000 people marching against Trump on the usual White House/Trump Hotel circuit, and there were firsthand reports marcher went as far north as Howard University.

Video-DC Bike Party Rides to Catharsis bonfire: 0:00-0:53 Bike Party 0:53-2:42 Catharsis bonfire

The Catharsis bonfire

DC Bike Party rides to massive "catharsis" bonfire on the Mall

Trump lampooned at High Heel Race

The annual high heel race on 17 st is on the last Tuesday before Halloween and is known for political contestants in election years. This year was no exception, with a whole contingent of runners in high heels posing as Trump supporters but mocking his vulgar sexist remarks and grabby hands.

37 second video of high heeled contestants mocking Trump's grabby hands

Lampooning Trump at High Heel Race

DC Bike Party holds annual "Angels and Demons" ride

On the 12th of October, the DC Bike Party took to the streets for the annual pre-Halloween "Angels and Demons" ride.

Video from the 2nd half of the DC Bike Party featuring one of two powerful sound systems carried by bike

DC Bike Party "Angels and Demons" ride

DC Bike Party takes Memorial Bridge

The 14th of September featured another DC Bike Party, this time on a route including Memorial Bridge into Virginia and back. As always hundreds of riders showed up. The DC Bike Parties are once again on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Video highlights of the ride

DC Bike Party Sep 14 2016

August DC Bike Party takes over the streets

On the 10th of August, the DC Bike Party once again took to the streets of DC with hundreds of riders participating.

Video from August 2016 DC Bike Party

August 2016 DC Bike Party

July Critical Mass reportback

A hot night did not deter DC's Critical Mass bike ride from returning to the streets on July 29, the last Friday of the month. These rides are basically social rides these days, departing from Dupont Circle at shortly after 8PM.

Video from the first portion of the ride

Critical Mass rides again

DC Bike Party takes over the streets

On the the 8th of July, the DC Bike Party took to the streets once again, now having been in existance for four years. Although not the largest ever, this was a very large bike party of hundreds of riders. This was also roughly the 4th anniversary of the first DC Bike Party In this ride, a few riders wore signs saying things like "Black Lives Matter" and "Disarm the police."

Video from the 1st half of the July 2016 DC Bike Party

DC Bike Party July 2016