Black Lives Matter and allies march on 7D police station for NEAR act, against more cops

On the 1st of April, Black Lives Matter marched on Anacostia's 7th District police headquarters backed by members of numerous other groups. SURG DC and #ResistingThis(which grew out of Inauguration protests were among the allies present. The main demand of the march was that DC fully fund the NEAR act instead of hiring even more police.

Video highlights of the march on 7D featuring singing marchers(1 min 28 sec)

Circling up outside 7D

DC Residents protest, close Wells Fargo accounts on eve of DC DAPL divestment bill

On the 20th of March, two DC residents closed their accounts with Wells Fargo over the bank's investments in the Dakota Access Pipeline and other socially irresponsible investments such as private prisons. A protest outside the bank supported them. A bill directing the DC government to divest their about $2 billion in accounts with Wells Fargo was scheduled to be introduced the following day, March 21 and this protest was in part to suppport this DC Divest campaign.

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Video from the DAPL protest and account closing event at Wells Fargo

Dulles Airport gets protest of Trumps' Muslim Ban 2.0

On the 18th of March, protesters gathered at Dulles International Airport against Donald Trump's revised Muslim travel ban, the one that was supposed to go into effect two days earlier. Federal courts have again blocked Trump's racist Muslim ban in cases filed by Maryland and Hawaii. Trump has appealed, but his big mouth is getting him into trouble with judges frowning on such statements as that he really wanted the first version with its explicit religious test.

Old town Alexandria gets another protest against Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer

On the 11th of March, DC area antifacists assembled at Market Square in Alexandria, VA to protest neo-Nazi leader Richard Spencer. He runs a headquarters for area neo-Nazis from his nearby home. One participant reported Spencer's neighbors as "very supportive" of the protest after the march arrived at his house.

Video assembled from "Resistance Wing" Ustream

Gathering at Market Square

Native Nations Rising march erects tipi at Trump Hotel, marches on White House

Update 3-15:San Francisco divests $1.2B from pipeline banks and funders

On the 10th of March, the Standing Rock Sioux backed by thousands of Native Americans and allies from all over Turtle Island marched from the US Army Corps of Engineers to the White House. The youth led the march, carrying tipi poles. At Trump Hotel they advanced onto the sidewalk and set up a full size, traditional tipi right in front of the hotel.

Video of the march featuring the tipi raising at Trump Hotel(4 min 10 sec)

Raising the tipi at Trump Hotel

FOX News runs vicious hatchet job on Native Nations Rising encampment against DAPL on Mall

Update March 15:FOX Reporter Marina Maracco was identified on March 9 by Black Lives Matter activists as the person behind this sorry excuse for a news report. Activists demand FOX fire Maracco, no response as of 3-15.

On the 8th of March, FOX 5 News ran a slanderous hatchet job of a story about the Native Nations Rising camp on the Mall behind the White House. They mixed the story about Tipis behind the White House and the Dakota Access Pipeline with old B-roll from the Inauguration showing burning trash cans and riot cops, then ran interviews where protesters were criticized for not knowing irrelevant facts, like states other than North Dakota where the Dakota Access Pipeline passes or its exact length (1172 miles).

DC antifascists confront puny "March4Trump" that never filled its permit zone

On the 4th of March, Trump supporters held a national series of "March4Trump" events all over the US, but the DC march was supposed to be the focal point. Instead, DC turnout fizzled with one twitter poster estimating perhaps 50 Trump supporters on site. DC area antifascists converged on their location for a disruptive game of anarchist soccer.

Video-anarchist soccer and confronting the March4Trump

Antifascist and Rainbow flags set up as a game of anarchist soccer gets going

March on Trump's Congressional address ends with pot and pan banging protest

On the 28th of February, two different protests were staged against Trump's address to a joint session of Congress. The first was the Resistance Address in Lafeyette Park near the White House, where speakers condemned Trump's persecution of immigrants and the wave of hate he has created. When it finished, participants marched to Upper Senate Park, where United We Dream had a Cacerolazos going, a traditional Latin American pot and pan banging protest.Both the banging of pots and pans and the blowing of Vuvuzela horns could also be heard throughout the march.

Video of the pot and pan banging march and a bit of the very loud rally at Upper Senate Park

Anti-fascist protesters show up at Richard Spencer's King St neo-Nazis HQ

On the 26th of February, Richard Spencer's alt-right (neo-Nazi) headquarters on King St in Alexandria received the latest in a series of weekly Sunday 12:30PM protests. Church groups have been protesting there every Sunday, and in addition SURJ N-Va showed up on Valentine's Day. On March 11th (Sat) the DC Resistance Coalition will protest there as well.

Protesters in Alexandria somewhere near Richard Spencer's headquarters on Feb 26. This appears to be another, nearby building. Photo by Tanya Hutchens

J St marches against rising tide of Islamophobia and anti-Semitism

J St is a Jewish lobbying group best known for their advocacy of a two-state solution to the situation in Palestine. On the 25th of February they marched not only in opposition to settlements and Bibi's extremism but also in opposition to the rising tide of both anti-Arab and anti-Jewish hate that Trump has empowered in the US.

Video of J Street's March