Counter Repression Spokes rides from 12th and L (DC) to Pittsburgh

Update Day 5-Sun, Oct 1 3:30PM: Ride reaches Pitttsburgh

Update Day 4:Passing Pinkerton Tunnel and Mile 100 on Gap Trail, 1 more day to Pittsburgh

Update evening Day 3:Into PA, and over Eastern Continental Divide. Ride now trends downhill to Pittsburgh. One jerk with Nazi symbol on chest spotted

Update Noon Day 3:Halfway there, mile 175

Update Day 2: Ride passes Williamsport in Western MD

On the 27th of September, the CounterRepressionSpokes bike ride set out from 12th and L sts in DC, bound for Pittsburgh via the C&O Canal towpath and other trails. The ride is raising money for Dead City Legal Posse(J20 defense), One People’s Project, and St. Louis Legal Fund. Each group gets 1/3 of all donations collected.

Video of the segment from DC to Great Falls

A stop on the trail: Photo from Resist This twitter feed

Stickers condemn J20 prosecutor Jennifer Kerkhoff

Stickers condemning Jennifer Kerkhoff have appeared in a number of places around DC. She is the vicious prosecutor seeking to imprison 194 remaining DisruptJ20 defendents for 75 years each, and is responsible for Dane Powell having been in jail since July.

A "Fuck off Kerkhoff" sticker at 12th and I sts in front of the Starbucks

Over 50 arrests as ADAPT shuts down Trumpcare hearing

Update Sep 26: No vote this week after Sen Susan Collins declares she would vote NO. After Oct 1 60 votes needed as "reconciliation" process dies. Trumpcare 5.0 should be dead

On the 25th of September, over 50 activists from the disability rights groups ADAPT were arrested in a protest that shut down a Senate hearing on the Graham Cassidy bill. Graham-Cassidy is the latest and worst Trumpcare bill, among other things it would turn Medicaid into block grants to state governments.

Video of ADAPT shutting down the Trumpcare hearing on Sep 25

Still from Live Satellite News video of disruption inside the hearing

DC Divestfest promotes citywide divestment from Wells Fargo and other big banks

On the 24th of September, multiple organizations came together at the Uptown Art House to stage DC Divestfest. This event promoted both individual and city government divestment from Well Fargo in particular and other pipeline funding, gentrifying, prison-funding banks in general.

DC Divestfest at the Uptown Art House

ONE DC People's Platform puts Kenyan McDuffie on mock trial over Brookland Manor

On September 21, the monthly One DC People's Platform was held at Dance Place in the gentrification-beseiged Catholic University/Brookland neighborhood. The highlight of the event was a "people's trial" of DC Councilmember Kenyon McDuffie for multiple offenses related to his aiding and abetting displacement and gentrification of the Brookland Manor apartements

Video-some highlights of the mock trial and conviction of Kenyan McDuffie

Pipeline protesters disrupt FERC's first meeting with new Trump commissioners

On the 20th of September, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) held its first meeting since two of Trump's three new commissioners were confirmed. Protesters showed up outside, and those of them not yet known to FERC security managed to attend the "open" meeting. Once inside, they sang "We shall overcome" and were ejected.

Video of protest both outside and inside the FERC meeting

Trumpcare is back, version 5.0 draws protesters to US Capitol

Over the Sep 16-17 weekend, Donald Trump's 5th attempt to replace Obamacare rocketed back into the news, nearing the 50 vote threshold with plans to replace much of Medicaid with block grants to states and huge healthcare budgets cuts. Fearing the worst, protesters are back too. On Sep 19 Planned Parenthood and other groups protested on the east side of the US Capitol

Photo by A Tianna Scozerro

People's Congress of Resistance culminates with march on White House

From September 16-17 the People's Congress of Resistance met at Howard University. On September 17th this ended with a march from Howard University to the White House

Video of the march

The march on U st

Nazis, alt-right show up at fizzled Trump/MAGA "Mother of all Rallies"

On the 16th of September, Trump supporters held their "Mother of All Rallies" on the Mall, only to draw a very small turnout compared to promises. They reserved two panels of the Mall, but at times had only a few hundred people, and one Twitter poster claimed up to half were counterprotesters. Dozens of the MOAR attendees were "alt-right" white supremacists, some with explicitly white supremacist flags and emblems.

Update 9-16 11PM:Fash afterparty found at Harry's bar with Kyle Chapman (based stickman) in attendance. He pursues Indymedia photgrapher (presumably to assault) but cannot keep up.

Update 9-16 7PM: Capitol City Brewing set to host alt-right afterparty, anti-fascists disrupt

Video-Known Nazis and Kekistan flags at MOAR, area antifascists debate the fash

This is the "Kekistan" flag, combining the WWII Nazi German Naval Flag with the green of "Pepe the Frog" and a reference to an ancient frog god. This is an explicit white supremacist flag