Photo by Zero Hour

Photo by Biljana Milenkovic


View from the stage in the rain(photo by HipHop Caucus)

The scene in front of the White House on the third night of impeachment protests (Wed July 18)

Night 2, Tuesday July 17: Bike cop turns light on crowd as cops start clearing Penn Ave


Earlier: Mocking the long GOP campaign to use the Hillery Clinton e-mail scandal to mask much more serious charges against Trump


Night three, July 18: This far-right videographer (using his phone) was identified by protesters as a Breitbart operative

A mock auction of Palestinian lands in front of Jared Kushner's house

Faces of the Fallen , nonviolent protesters shot and killed by Israeli soldiers displayed on the fence at Jared Kushner's luxury home


By the side entrance to Jared Kushner's house

Pissed off opera singers join Occupy Lafayette Park

The starting rally at 14th and Kenyon streets

ICE not welcome here!


Marching to 16th st


Circled up blocking 16th st near the end


Protesters at the location of Thursday's ICE raid on an apartment building


At 16th and Irving as the last rally blocking the street wrapped up

This is all it takes to make Secret Service shut down Penn Ave

No fascist torchlight in DC!

Darrell Whitman has been fighting for years for an investigation of his illegal retaliation, bullying and termination for seriously investigating complaints of retaliation for whistleblowing.


Darrell Whitman attended the San Francisco Workers Memorial Day on 4/18/16