Black Lives Matter at the National Law Enforcement Museum

The view from the Mayor's "Resume Raiser" event. She was noticed slipping out the back door, and escaped just ahead of a pursuing scout team. The main march followed behind the scouts.


Closing Circle shuts down the Chinatown shopping district for the second time of the night

The Joker and Christopher Columbus-just two of the Supervillains supporting Trump's nomination of Bernard McNamee to FERC

The Ghost of Fossil Fuels Past (L) and the Joker (R)


The "UnderTrumper" AKA the "UnderMiner"


Out of the shopping malls, into the streets!


Approaching the Pentagon


Do Pentagon Arms deals for Saudis who stay in Trump Hotel include any bone saws?

The scene inside Zorbas as transgender activists and their friends held an educational "mic-check" intended to last five minutes

Manager or staffer calling the cops on protesters

Fists up for murdered transgender folks at Chipotle

Someone (maybe the manager) at Chick-Fil-A orderd cameras out and made threats. Photographer withdrew to delay expulsion of the rest of the protest so patrons could be educated