DC Black Lives Matter in the house!

The car and lead banner in the DC Black Lives Matter contingent


Starting out


The Terrence Sterling contingent


Graffiti seen near the end of the parade

Distributing Smartrip cards at Anacostia Metro station (photo by Black Lives Matter DC)


41 detainees are still in Gitmo

Lining up for a ceremonial serving of tea, removal of hoods, and reading the names of all 41 detainees still at Gitmo


Freedom Trump style


Surprise! Banner holders march onto closed Penn Ave


Five people were arrested.

DC 2017 on left, Iran 2018 on right: who does Trump want to jail for 65 years?

Rally for 50% renewable energy mandate at the MD State House

Electic vehicles (which could run on renewable electricity) parade before the MD State House

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An electric bicycle in the EV parade


Another view of the rally


Trump is a predator

Photo cropped from image posted to Twitter by Brynna Quillin