Photo by Katie Egan


"Never Again" is NOW!

Marching to the rear of Lafayette Park after police close most of the park


Protesters as seen from a hill near the back of Lafayette Park, prior to moving back up to the still-present fenceline within the park


Probably a reference to impeachment over Russiagate, but could also refer to Trump's contempt for the courts as they shoot down his executive orders.

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Photo by Maya Shwayder

Photo by PolitiDiva

Antifascist and Rainbow flags set up as a game of anarchist soccer gets going


Everything is in the area circled in red. The March4Trump had a permit for this entire area but came nowhere near filling it


A soccer goal set up for anarchist soccer against the March4Trump


Taking the antifa flag right up to the police line-photo by John Zangas

Protesters in Alexandria somewhere near Richard Spencer's headquarters on Feb 26. This appears to be another, nearby building. Photo by Tanya Hutchens

Protesters at Richard Spencer's alt-right (Nazi) headquarters on Feb 19, 2017: Photo by Bad Developr

Photo by Collin Rees