Heading downtown at the start of the ride

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Passing the Convention Center just after the start of the 2nd half of the ride

VICTORY! Bolsonaro cancelled his appearance before this mobilization had to occur

Official cancellation notice

Photo by Code Pink

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A protester gets inside the Sheraton where the 4th round of NAFTA renegotiation talks are being held(photo by Flush the TPP)

Council of Canadians delivering petitions on Capitol Hill demanding the removal of ISDN corporate courts from NAFTA(Brent Patterson photo)


Anti-NAFTA poster by the World Bank (which meets this weekend)


"Trump" taking a knee outside the NAFTA negotiations

Assembling in front of ICE to protest Trump's so-called "safe city" raids and terror

Marching to ICE


In front of the Wilson Building demanding that Mayor Bowser speak out against the raids and take action to block future raids.

The "Tax Chicken" from the April 15 march demanding Trump release his tax returns

In front of the Marriot just before Trump's motorcade arrived and went behind the back of the hotel

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Protesters lined Rumsey Bridge from shore to shore

Throwing flowers into the Potomac River from the Rumsey Bridge


Marching onto Rumsey Bridge