King and Spaulding represents Donald Trump in his lawsuits challenging the 2020 election results

Engaging the target with a heavy-duty stapler and posters


The scene in front of King and Spaulding

The scene on 16th st at K st facing Black Lives Matter Plaza. Trump to be evicted from the White House on Jan 20

The crowd on H st. Almost all wore masks


The Trump Rat and Moechella's go-go truck returned to McPherson Square

Extinction Rebellion at Republican Party headquarters (Shut Down DC photo)

Sunrise Movement on the move (Shut Down DC photo)


The count every vote rally at McPherson Square

The Trump supporter with faux Greek helmet, shield

Overall view of the Plaza. Refuse Fascism was at times nearly surrounded by Trumpers


Someone invoked armed struggle


Signs were again stripped off of two sections of fence. They were then thrown on the ground, violating DC littering laws


Torn-down signs from the fence were recovered so they could again be put back up


New boards are new canvas for art!

Activists with shields at MPD's darkened and mostly shut down 4D headquarters

Hoisting a bike on one of the snowplow barricades early in the march


US flag burns in the street

Scene outside the Supreme Court about 10:30AM


7PM at BLM Plaza

The "Tax chicken" set up at the McPherson Square election result viewing and go-go party


Some Trump supporters outside Harry's Bar. Proud boys etc have often gathered there after fascist rallies in DC


Bike cops "thunder run" through McPherson Square to intimidate protesters

Bike cops turn, try to block march after exploiting a lane opened to let out a car