One down many to go: after two YEARS of protest, the cop that killed Terrence Sterling is finally being fired

Lot of MPD backing up US Park Police at the eviction of Resurrection City II (Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign photo)

The final PPEHRC concert was moved to St Stephens due to the loss of the Dupont Circle camp.

David Thurston's photo of armed MPD officers marching on the parade route

This bus and military/military style color guard appeared to be the lead contingent-but were they really?


NJNP "Cops off K" march banner

This is not the first time small children have been dragged from their parents and interned in camps

Comparions of Trump and Sessions to Nazi Germany and "Europe in the 1930's" were frequent


A direct call for assistance from the US. At least sanctions and probably troops would be required


Some at the protest wore yellow armbands in solidarity with detained and separated parents who were fitted with yellow armbands in CPB's private prisons.


The "Dog Pound"-a prison for migrants that resembles a kennel for dogs

The Poor People's Campaign in Dupont Circle during Pride

PPC holding a concert on June 10


Tents in Dupont Circle.

Densely packed bikes as the ride leaves Dupont Circle

While some of the ride was exiting the circle in front of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, more riders were still backed up on Michigan Ave on their way in

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Waiting for sunset

Breaking the fast