This is but the last few blocks of the march, well over an hour after steopff time

A representation of the empty commissioners seats that have denied FERC a quorum to approve pipelines, N and W of the White House


Throwing the "snowflake" term back at the alt-right in the leg of the march that passed N and W of the White House


After the march: Flood Trump Hotel pulse-charges Trump Hotel like an incoming tide

What: May-Day Anti-Capitalist Bike RideWhere: Starting at Petworth Ave Metro Station and ending at Malcolm X parkWhen: Starting at 11:30am, ending around 1:15pmWho: You!!!Why: Why? Because we have nothing to lose and everything to win! Another world is happening!

Jack Posobiec (center of picture) likes to lure people into fights, then have them arrested instead of fighting them himself.

Inside the Wells Fargo at 17th and Penn

Wells Fargo at 18th and K locked their doors, unlocking them only for recognizable customers

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The round dance on Penn Ave with Trump Hotel behind it

The banner across 12th st from the south