A "Fuck off Kerkhoff" sticker at 12th and I sts in front of the Starbucks

Another sticker at 12th and L sts, site of the kettle on Jan 20 during DisruptJ20


Stickers in front of the US Attorney's office should ensure Ms Kerkhoff becomes aware of what the community thinks of her crimes

Inaugural People’s Congress of Resistance

Photo by Anne Meador of DC Media Group

Still from Live Satellite News video of disruption inside the hearing

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Still from Delaware River Keepers Network video of protest inside the FERC meeting

The march on U st

The People's Congress of Resistance at the White House. The red flag on the right is a "Struggalo" flag, where the largest red star is replaced with the Insane Clown Posse logo

DC Divestfest at the Uptown Art House

Photo by A Tianna Scozerro

This is the "Kekistan" flag, combining the WWII Nazi German Naval Flag with the green of "Pepe the Frog" and a reference to an ancient frog god. This is an explicit white supremacist flag

Another "Kekistan" flag at MOAR


An embarrassingly small turnout for something billed as the "Mother of all rallies" and held on the Mall!


An "Earthcam" view of the mostly empty mall


A counterprotester invokes Heather Heyer, murdered by the Nazis in Charlottesville


A group of counterprotesters draws off a good number of MAGA and alt-right facists


Protest in Farragut Square against white supremacy


Anti-Fascists at Capitol City Brewing after they ignored requests not to host an alt-right afterparty


MOAR/fash afterparty moved to Harry's Bar. This is just before Based Stickman(Kyle Chapman)'s failed assault attempt


Swastika tattoo on a MOAR participant's elbow (Photo by JG Wentworth)