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Update:David Thurston reports MPD marched on the parade route, apparently far enough ahead of the rest of the parade to be missed by some observers


Was this really the lead contingent-or a fake lead contingent with a long delay after the cops?

Unicorn Riot got this photo of a cop who testified at the last J20 trial in this pro-brutality T-shirt

Another Unicorn Riot photo of the same cop seen inside the courthouse in the pro police brutality T-shirt. The offending cop is the person farthest to the right in the photos

Rev Hagler taking a lead role as activists march to the Capitol visitor center

Rev Hagler inside as his group is being arrested


Typical activist equipment at the Poor People's Campaign sit-in


Police equipment outside the Capitol Visitor's Centrer on the day of the sit-in included this rifle, unknown if this is a 3-round burst or semiauto varient of the AR-15/M16