29th st (backside of embassy area) about an hour after cops smashed their way in with a battering ram. Unknown who the ambulance was for

Lawless excuse for a "warrant" used to justify the arrests without having to debate in court just who is trespassing here


Scene around the embassy later the same afternoon shortly before Carlos Vecchio's failed attempt at a speech was shouted down

Still from Ford Fischer's video of the cops cutting the rope to keep food out of the Embassy of Venezuala

A march sets out for the White House from the Embassy of Venezuala

"John Bolton" with his puppet "Carlos Vecchio"


Puppetmaster and puppet at the White House


This photographer photographed several activists sitting in the shade around the 100 foot mark, then went over to talk to police.


Marchers arrive at the White House

Some of the victorious defenders of the Embassy

The embassy as police filter away in defeat


Seen on this car is what might be MPD's fake though loud "LRAD," a real one has a flat panel


Statement released by the Embassy Protection Collective on Twitter with explicit warning of potential consequences for all US embassies, possibly ALL embassies if international law is violated by forcibly removing Venezuala's chosen caretakers

Chelsea Manning speaks in front of the Federal Hall of Injustice in Alexandria, VA