Photo by Alejandro Alvarez

Confetting tossed in the air on the way to Stephen Miller's house (Photo by Alejandro Alvarez)


The scene outside Stephen Miller's house (Still from Alejandro Alvarez video clip)

Still from "Rebel HQ" video (note: Rebel HQ states they are a progressive media outlet, not Posobiec's former outfit)

Cops in Nancy Pelosi's office (from Rebel HQ video)


Standing room only at a training prior to the event (photo by Dyanna Jaye)

White House Peace vigil pushed most of the way to H st as though Bush I was being inaugurated not buried

Nightly Kremlin Annex protest (Night 141) pushed back too


Trump "Grinch" sure looks like Pepe the Frog


Lock him up! Trump called for sending Hillery Clinton to prison, now Democrats and liberals at protests call for locking up Trump instead

Bikes lit up for the night

The #Kremlin Annex protest as seen from the Bike Party

Pro-ICE Patriot Front sticker burns. Note the presence of the fasces (symbol of Fascism copied from the Roman bundle of rods bound around an ax) above the eagle

Former location of identical Patriot Front sticker posted in a previous visit to DC and cleaned up by local citizens


Deceptive Patriot Front sticker makes no mention that they are white nationalists or played a role in the violence of the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally


Pulling down deceptive Patriot Front trash


Burning Patriot Front's Nazi propaganda


DC activist Luke Kuhn prepares to remove anti-Indigenous propaganda posted by Patriot Front the previous night

Photo by SanctuaryDMV

Forming a circle of sanctuary around Rosa at the conclusion of the press conference (Photo by Sanctuary DMV)

WTF? A report that National Coalition for the Homeless was at the fascist "American Priority" convention.

The scene outside the White House