Workers installing J20/George Floyd protests style fence all around the White House area

Some of the fence components. Two tractor-trailer loads of these were found on nearby 15th St


Fully loaded tractor trailer w fence components on 15th St


The scene at BLM Plaza the night before the election-and whatever comes after it


Building owners were still furiously boarding up

Extinction Rebellion at Republican Party headquarters (Shut Down DC photo)

Sunrise Movement on the move (Shut Down DC photo)


The count every vote rally at McPherson Square

A protester's flashlight reveals riot cops behind the window in this darkened police station

Only a few cops showed themselves outside 4D

Lt Bagshaw(police intelligence) in the kettle about to call for 4 man snatch/arrest teams (still from Ford Fischer video)

After the kettle, bike cops pulled back but stayed menacingly visible, like stalking predators on a hunt


Police cameraman on 4D's roof


Continuing to call out MPD for murder even after a kettle cost protesters 8 arrests

Activists with shields at MPD's darkened and mostly shut down 4D headquarters

Hoisting a bike on one of the snowplow barricades early in the march


US flag burns in the street

A bunch of cops showed up before this tent could even be fully opened up.

These two cops did a lot of the talking (and threatening)

Fascists marching a giant "thin blue line" pro-police flag through BLM Plaza

One of the white supremacists stencilled "Trump Lives Matter" on H st just past BLM Plaza. Someone managed to clean up most of the word "Trump"


Black House News photo of culprit in "Trump Lives Matter" incident with the offending stencil at what looks like Harry's Bar (again...)

7PM at BLM Plaza

The "Tax chicken" set up at the McPherson Square election result viewing and go-go party


Some Trump supporters outside Harry's Bar. Proud boys etc have often gathered there after fascist rallies in DC


Bike cops "thunder run" through McPherson Square to intimidate protesters